A Book Look: Advertisement Addendum

Earlier this week we looked at the advertisements in the first issue from Wonder Woman’s mod era in 1968, when DC was apparently trying to reach more female readers.  Here is another example of the ads not quite matching the aim of the series.

This ad for Iverson’s bicycles appeared in Wonder Woman #183, six issues into the revamped Wonder Woman run:

Then in Wonder Woman #186, nine issues into the new run, Iverson changed their ad:

Can you spot the major difference?  No, it’s not going from top hats to sombreros.  Let’s look a little closer.

Here’s George Barris telling us about the bicycles in Wonder Woman #183:

And then in Wonder Woman #186:

Yep.  They dropped the mention of the bike that was “especially for girls”.  In my book, I do a statistical study of the ads in Wonder Woman throughout the 1960s, categorizing them as aimed at boys, girls, or gender neutral.  Iverson’s is the ONLY company who switched categories, going from gender neutral to aimed at boys… and right in the middle of the mod era to boot.  The ads and the target audience were REALLY not matching up for DC.

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