Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: H.G. Peter

UPDATE: The poll is now closed.  The two semi-final votes begin in new threads on January 25th and February 1st, and then the final vote starts February 8th.

Last week we started our look at the best Wonder Woman covers with one of the series’ most recent cover artists, Adam Hughes.  This week, we go all the way back to the beginning with Wonder Woman’s original artist, H.G. Peter!!

H.G. Peter was the first person to ever draw Wonder Woman.  When William Moulton Marston created her in 1941, he handpicked Peter to be the artist (despite protests from his editors).  Peter drew Wonder Woman’s first appearance in All Star Comics #8, and was the regular artist for both Sensation Comics and Wonder Woman for many years.  Impressively, Peter was sixty-one years old when he started on Wonder Woman, and continued to draw the book until shortly before his death in 1958.  However, his tenure as cover artist only spanned Wonder Woman #1-38.

The following are my favourite H.G. Peter Wonder Woman covers, in chronological order because picking a top five is hard enough without ordering them:

Wonder Woman #1:  Well I had to include the first issue of Wonder Woman.  Plus it’s awesome… Wonder Woman on horseback galloping into a heavily armed group of soldiers is so much fun!!  Only Wonder Woman would hurtle head-first into a bank of gatling guns. 

Wonder Woman #6:  Not only is Wonder Woman in the throes of battle with arguably her most famous foe, the Cheetah, but this cover has the Holliday Girls too!!  Etta Candy in particular is looking ready to jump right into the action. 

Wonder Woman #7:  Wonder Woman running for president is a crazy good time.  Though it’s sort of a bummer that it’s a thousand years in the future… you’d think she could have stepped up a little earlier.  But still, it’s cool to see Wonder Woman taking charge in a different manner than usual.

Wonder Woman #10:  Do you see what is happening here?  Wonder Woman is chasing a villain around the rings of Saturn, trying to lasso him.  How cool is that?  Wonder Woman is in space!!  Golden Age comics are the best.  This is a great issue all around really… those Saturnians are buggers. 

Wonder Woman #32:  Not only is Wonder Woman lassoing a fairly large spaceship, but she is simultaneously deflecting ray gun blasts with her bracelets.  It’s hard to top Wonder Woman when it comes to multitasking.  Also, she can’t even fly yet… that doesn’t happen until 1958, so here Wonder Woman has somehow hurtled herself through the sky to take down this ship.  It’s epic.

So those are my top five, but you are more than welcome to disagree in the comments.  In fact, it’s encouraged!!

Vote for the best Peter cover here:

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