Wonder Woman On Conan… Sort Of

Last night, Conan had a special preview of the new Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical (it MAY have been a spoof), and in a surprise twist, the ending featured Wonder Woman!!  First, Spider-Man swung out, wearing sneakers, and sang a little song, but then Doctor Octopus menacingly appeared!!  Spider-Man subdued Doc Ock with his webbing (silly string), and as their dramatic battle came to a close, Wonder Woman walked out and all three took a bow.  In what was apparently a nod to Shakespearean times, Wonder Woman was portrayed by a man.  Here is the cast :

And the entire video for your amusement:

Does anybody else think that the Conan version of the musical might be better than the actual musical is gonna be?  The real musical sounds like a god awful mess. 

Also, Spider-Man sucks.


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