Top Five Wonder Woman Covers: Your Egregious Snubs List

UPDATE: The poll is now closed.  The two semi-final votes begin in new threads on January 25th and February 1st, and then the final vote starts February 8th.

Last week, I asked for nominations of covers that you thought should have been included in my past lists, and after several discussions in various forums I have arrived at these five egregious snubs covers!!

The parameters were fairly simple… any cover I hadn’t already nominated was fair game.  You all seemed pretty keen on the 1970s and 1980s.  No covers from before 1970 made the list, and only one cover from the post-Crisis era came up.  You also seemed to like José Luis Garcia-López, and I certainly can’t fault you there.

This week is the last week for voting in these preliminary polls, so if you haven’t voted on my past lists, now is the time to go check them out!!  All of the polls will close at midnight Eastern time, next Monday night (January 24th).  The next day I’ll post the first semi-final poll, and then another semi-final a week after that, and then the two winners from those polls will face off to determine the best Wonder Woman cover of all time!!  But first, we must get to this week’s poll. 

Here are you selections for the egregious snubs I was foolish to leave out:

Wonder Woman #212 (Bob Oksner): CarolStrick said of this cover: “Bob Oksner gives one of the all-time best renditions of the Wondie suit. So clean, so modern!”  And I agree (as did you all)… it’s a great cover.  His Wonder Woman is fantastic, AND you get some of the Justice League too!!

Wonder Woman #230 (José Luis Garcia-López): Vaffrey wrote: “So beautifully composed, the cover features WW v. Cheetah during the return-to-WWII period,” and DisneyBoy seconded the nomination, declaring: “That IS cool! WWII reference AND the Cheetah :)”  This cover very nearly made my pre-Crisis list, and I’m glad it got a second chance here… it’s pretty fantastic.

Wonder Woman #240 (José Luis Garcia-López): Another killer Garcia- López!!  JK Carrier called it “an unusual, almost subdued piece, compared to the typical action scenes — but definitely packs a dramatic punch.”  That wanted poster is so well done, and the whole cover is very ominous!!

Wonder Woman #315 (Paris Cullins):  Vaffrey called this the “Best. Cover. Ever. Diana Prince in a hall of mirrors, with lots of distorted Wonder Women looking back at her,” and Frank-Fournier agreed, nominating the cover as well.  It’s wonderfully weird, and most definitely an eye-catching piece.

Wonder Woman #0 (Brian Bolland):  This is, by far, the cover that got the biggest response when I didn’t include it.  Franklin wrote “Tim, you’ve left the best Bolland cover out of your poll, and I can’t help but think you were under the influence when omitting this fabulous Bolland cover. I’ll forgive you, but you must one day see the errors of you ways and right this wrong.”  Consider the wrong righted!!

So there are YOUR top five egregious snubs covers… thanks so much to everyone who nominated covers!!  You can vote for your favourite below, and remember to do so quickly… there’s only one week left!!

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

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