Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, January 2011 In Review

Continuing our look back at January as a whole, we can now get a better idea of the number of women working for Marvel.  To learn more about this statistics project, click here.

As I said in the previous post, these monthly reviews will be much more fun once we have previous months to compare them to… setting up a baseline isn’t terribly fascinating, but it’s important nonetheless.  In January 2011, Marvel Comics put out 72 books built by 653 creators; 597 of them were men, and 56 were women.  Here are the stats in pie chart form:

That’s really low.  To be honest, before I started this whole project I thought that Marvel was going to wipe the floor with DC.  They’d had that big Girl Comics push, and I knew that a lot of female creators I dig had various books in the works at Marvel… the actual stats have really shocked me.  I feel kind of let down about it even… Girl Comics was EVERYWHERE, but not much seems to have stuck.  Maybe the numbers were even worse before that and these stats are a step up, but 8.6% is a bad number.  Let’s break it down further:

And go through them individually:

Covers – 8 of 162, 4.9%: With no past Marvel numbers to compare with, today we’ll compare with DC.  And DC edged them out in the cover department, numerically and percentagewise.  Marvel put out a ton of variant covers in January, so there were lots of jobs to go around, but it seems that the fellows snapped them up pretty quick.

Writers – 6 of 87, 6.9%: While this number is low, it beats the hell out of DC and is a very positive sign for Marvel.  Marvel is developing a small but very solid stable of female writers, and there are more of them than these numbers suggest (for example, Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Osborn didn’t come out this month).  So writing is a bright spot for Marvel that I hope will grow in the coming months.

Pencillers – 3 of 93, 3.2%: As I compiled the numbers for January, I was regularly surprised by how few female pencillers DC had, and for some reason I thought that Marvel had more.  It seems I was incorrect… the numbers are almost exactly the same, and thus just as bad.

Inkers – 3 of 113, 2.7%: The inking numbers are actually worse than DC’s, percentagewise.  What’s with this huge lack of female artists?  I know they’re out there.

Colourists – 10 of 89, 11.2%: Again, women colourists get some decent representation.  The numbers aren’t as high as DC’s, but it’s way more than pencilling and inking combined!!

Letterers – 1 of 75, 1.3%: Apparently ladies just don’t letter comics at Marvel?  Congratulations to Lois Buhalis, who co-lettered X-Men Forever 2 #16… she was the only woman to letter a Marvel comic book this month, and I salute her.

Editors – 9 of 90, 10%: This is less than half of DC’s number, and I’m surprised by that.  Maybe it’s the Girl Comics scene again, making me have an inaccurate picture of Marvel, but I seem to remember a lot of female editors’ names in the press about it all. 

Assistant Editors – 18 of 57, 31.6%: Slightly less than DC, but still a solid number.  But, not to repeat myself, the category with the highest number of women has the word “assistant” in it… is that rubbing anyone else the wrong way?


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3 Responses to “Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, January 2011 In Review”

  1. mscomix Says:

    Great information! Thank you for providing this.

  2. Soooo, there is this webcomic called Girls with Slingshots | Weird corners of the comic world Says:

    […] the mainstream DC and Marvel In Marvel, during January 2011, women are only 8.6% of the credits. Source So yep, all the cool chicks who weren’t invited to the superhero party decided to throw their […]

  3. The Write Stuff » Comics Bulletin Says:

    […] of DC's 89 writing credits, only two of them were by a woman… both titles by Gail Simone. Marvel's numbers were slightly better in January: six out of 87 credited writers were women that month. In February, […]

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