Women In Comics Statistics: DC, February 23, 2011

It was a slow week for DC, and not a particularly good one.  It was better than last week, but that’s not really saying much.  On February 23, 2011, DC Comics released only 13 new books that featured 104 creators.  Of them, 94 were men and 10 were women.  They make a pie that looks like this:

While 9.6% is a whole percentage point better than last week, it’s still low for DC.  I suppose that 13 books is a pretty small sample size, so however the numbers went we wouldn’t have put a ton of stock in them, but this makes back to back poor showings for DC.  The numbers break down pretty terribly too:

And chart up like this:

Half of the categories don’t have ANY women creators, which is bad.  And, of course, three of them are the big categories that get your name on the cover of the book (writing, pencilling, and inking).  A shutout in all of those categories is kind of awful.  However, colourists and cover artists had a decent week, and editors had an especially good week too.  If DC actually hired female writers and artists, this could have added up to a really good week.  But they don’t, so it didn’t.


  • DC’s kids books are hard to get information for!!  Thanks to Cal at Strange Adventures (the best comic shop in the world) for letting me go through a few books and write down the creators.
  • Consequently, the February 2 stats post has been updated and now includes the numbers for Scooby-Doo,Where Are You? #6.
  • The busiest book of the week was Green Arrow #9, with 11 creators (one of them was a lady).
  • The book with the highest percentage and number of female creators was Teen Titans #92, which was 2 of 9.  Justice League of America/The 99 #5 also had two female creators.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology, click here.

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2 Responses to “Women In Comics Statistics: DC, February 23, 2011”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Gail Simone, writer of DC’s monthly Birds of Prey, is a woman.

  2. Tim Hanley Says:

    Very true, Jeff, though Birds of Prey didn’t come out this week. I was being slightly hyperbolic when I said DC doesn’t hire women writers or artists. I was just trying to illustrate that while a lot of the categories did fairly well this week, the lack of writers and artists really brought the overall total down.

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