Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, February 2011 In Review

Much like DC, Marvel stayed fairly consistent this month, despite releasing far more comics.  Marvel put out 95 books in February, 23 more than they did in January.  If you read my monthly Wonder Woman sales analysis, this is one of the reasons Wonder Woman was ranked so high in January… it had 23 less books to compete against.  These 95 books were credited to 839 creators, 766 men and 73 women.  Here are the percentages:

It’s still pretty bad, but Marvel is up 0.1% for the month at least.  That’s better than a drop.  But you’d think with 95 books coming out, there’d be a few more gigs for women… that’s a TON of books, plus Marvel loves variant covers.  There were so many jobs this month, yet the percentage is barely different.  I was hoping that January might have just been a bad month for Marvel, but this 8.7% looks a lot like confirming an uncool trend.  Here’s how the categories break down in chart form:

And we’ll go through them individually:

Covers – 13 of 187, 7% (+2.1%): It’s nice to start off with a category that went up!!  A lot of these credits were colouring gigs (as always, no offense to colourers, but pencilling and inking are the more noticed gigs), but a two percent jump is pretty solid.  It would be nice to see another such jump next month.

Writers – 11 of 118, 9.3% (+2.4%): This is REALLY good.  I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but having eleven female writers in one month is a big number, and 9.3% is a damn good percentage.  Marvel has a solid corps of female writers, and it looks like it’s going to continue to grow (G. Willow Wilson has been teasing an upcoming Marvel project).

Pencillers – 4 of 125, 3.2% (no change): Well, at least Marvel is consistent with their not hiring many female pencillers.  Three of these credits come from Ultimate Spider-Man (two for Sara Pichelli, one for Elena Casagrande), which came out twice in February, and then Emma Rios on Osborn was the fourth.  Not a great number here.

Inkers – 5 of 144, 3.5% (+0.8%): A modest, but welcome, bump for inkers this month.  Though the ladies mentioned above ink themselves, so they count for a lot of this.  But still, a bump is a bump.

Colors – 13 of 125, 10.4% (-0.8%): I’m impressed that we didn’t get a drop until the fifth category.  A drop here is surprising… women seem to get colouring work fairly consistently (albeit far less often than men).  Of all the non-editorial categories, this is the best one, so a drop here is kind of a bummer.

Letters – 0 of 98, 0% (-1.3%): Not a single woman lettered a Marvel comic in February, and I have no idea why.  There was one in January, but that book is wrapped up now.  Lettering isn’t a strong category at DC either, but at least there’s usually a couple women.  It’s bizarre.

Editor – 11 of 118, 9.3% (-0.7%): Now we’re just rolling downhill, aren’t we?  Not to beat a dead horse here, but 118 is a LOT of editorial gigs.  That only 11 of them went to women is really low, especially when there are a lot of good female editors at Marvel.

Assistant Editor – 23 of 75, 30.7% (-0.9%): This is huge number, damn near triple the second place percentage, and a small drop when you’re that far ahead isn’t something to be overly concerned about.  It’s going bug me every month until a category supplants assistant editor at the top, though: it sounds so wrong that the best category for women has “assistant” in the title!!

To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.


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