July 2011 Solicits: Wonder Woman #613 And DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The ‘70s #1

Technically there’s three Wonder Woman books out in July, but we’ve already looked at Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #2 in an earlier post, so there’s no need to be redundant.  First up is Wonder Woman #613… you thought it was over, but it’s not:


The mega-opus “Odyssey” proved too big, it needed two extra issues to tell J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester’s full story! It’s classic Wonder Woman versus the new one! Even if she wins, she loses!

So “two extra issues” sounds like Wonder Woman #614 in August is going to finally end the storyline.  Not cool, DC!!  Why’d you have to screw with us by telling us it would be over in June?!  That’s just mean.  Anyway, it seems that Wonder Woman is going to fight herself… though I’ll bet that they end up working together to defeat whatever nefarious foe has pitted them against each other.  That’s how these things always go.  Man, if Phil Hester were to mix it up and have one Wonder Woman totally kill the other one, my opinion of this storyline would sky-rocket… that’d be a ballsy thing to do!!  Go for it, Hester!!  I’m cheering for the classic Wonder Woman, by the way.

Also, that’s a really great cover… Alex Garner’s been killing it lately.  Plus Joshua Middleton is doing the main cover!!  I LOVE that guy… that’s going to be fun.  Wonder Woman #613 hits comic shops on July 27th, 2011.

In July, DC begins the first wave of their “Retroactive” series, in which classic writers of their big name characters do a special issue set in that period.  The 1970s are up first, and here’s Wonder Woman’s issue:

Written by DENNIS O’NEIL; Art by J. BONE; Cover by TBD

From legendary scribe Dennis O’Neil comes an untold adventure starring DC’s Amazon Princess in her “white costume” phase! When Paradise Island is in danger, Wonder Woman must complete three tasks to save her homeland from destruction. But are these tasks too difficult even for her?
Plus: Following the 26-page lead story is a classic tale originally published in the ’70s, also written by Dennis O’Neil!

That’s not the actual cover… apparently it’s “style guide art and is not artwork from the actual issue.”  And it’s also the Mike Sekowsky/Dick Giordano cover to Wonder Woman #193, with the background removed.  Anyway, Denny O’Neil is taking Wonder Woman back to the mod era, which is kind of fun.  And J. Bone on the art is going to be crazy cool… J. Bone is awesome.  Though I’m slightly confused, because Paradise Island was in another universe during the mod era… making it a Paradise Island-centric story strikes me as an odd choice.  I hope there’s some I-Ching and one, if not several, of Wonder Woman’s many boyfriends from this period.  It’s 56 pages, so Diana could fall for and get her heart broken by several fellows.  What they REALLY need is a back up story by Samuel Delaney… his two issues were sort of crazy, feminist-wise, and I’d love to see him take another stab at it.  That could be awesome.  But even without Delaney, I think it could be fun.  DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The ‘70s #1 comes out on July 20th, 2011!!


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2 Responses to “July 2011 Solicits: Wonder Woman #613 And DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The ‘70s #1”

  1. Little Missvelly Gonzalez Says:

    love this woman makes me feel that way. woman are strong.makes me feel good to be a woman. and Diana makes me feel that way

  2. Little Missvelly Gonzalez Says:

    love this woman she makes me feel good to be a woman and to be strong. and to fight for yourself.

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