Conan Has Some Qualms About The Thor Movie

Last night in his monologue, Conan O’Brien expressed some concerns about Chris Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor in the upcoming Marvel movie.  Here’s the footage (though for a better version, try or the Comedy Network site in Canada):

What this clip doesn’t show is how very tickled Conan is with the trailer afterwards.  Usually Conan smiles, or shakes his head if a clip bombs, but he clearly loves this bit.  They did another Thor trailer tonight, but it’s not on Youtube yet… it was just as hilarious.  I really hope that Hemsworth is a guest on Conan when the movie comes out, as that would be fantastic.

UPDATE: Youtube has removed the video, unfortunately, but you can see yesterday’s Thor trailers at in the United States, and on the Comedy Network site (starting at about the 6:15 mark) if you are Canadian because Americans are video bogarters who hate to share things with the rest of the world.  Seriously, if you want to restore America’s reputation on the word stage, stop keeping all the cool videos to yourself!!  The world will immediately go from hating you to not caring about Iraq and Afghanistan and whatnot because they are super busy watching Hulu.  Get on it, President Obama!!


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