Wonder Woman Pilot Gets “A Ton Of Rewrites”

io9 is reporting that David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman script has undergone some serious tweaking, both before filming began and on the fly as the pilot shot.  This can only be a good thing, as pretty much everyone who reviewed the original script seemed to hate it (except the folks at NBC, I suppose).  Here’s a rundown of some of the new changes:

  • Wonder Woman is going to kick a lot more ass.  At least two scene have been added solely to show Wonder Woman whooping some dudes, which is a good time.  Superhero shows/movies need whoopings (I’m looking at you, Superman Returns).
  • The line “I’m Wonder Woman.  How do you think this ends?” is included in the new ass kicking scenes.  That’s kind of fun.
  • We’re going to get more of a back story with Paradise Island and Steve Trevor, particularly in terms of his plane crash and Diana rescuing him.  It’ll be cool to see how they design Paradise Island.  I wonder if it’ll be as pastelly as the Lynda Carter version was?
  • William Marston is in it!!  Or they’ve named a character after him at least.  Marston is her neighbour, and he and Wonder Woman go on a pretty bad date.  If he doesn’t suggest a little bondage play at some point during the date, I’ll be outraged.  William Marston the next door neighbour/bondage enthusiast could be a hilarious character.  He could call Diana and she could be all “I can’t talk… I’m a little tied up at the moment,” and he could exclaim “OH REALLY?!” and grin at the camera.  Maybe wink, or give a big thumbs up.  That’s gold… free for you, David E. Kelley.  But yeah, seriously… they’ve got to do some bondage jokes.

While I am still concerned about the show, along with everyone else in geekdom it seems, I do appreciate that Kelley is tweaking the show, and that all of these tweaks are making it look and sound better.  Time will tell if this is another Bionic Woman or The Cape situation, but hopefully they can make something cool of it.  Even if the pilot doesn’t turn out great, Kelley appears to be listening to the fan reaction and constantly adjusting, so if it gets picked up there’s a decent chance that it could get better as it goes along.  Anyway, I’m jazzed for William Marston.  Here’s another hilarious exchange that they could use on their date:

DIANA: I’m not looking for marriage or anything… I don’t want to be tied down.
MARSTON: Well I sure do!! (turns to camera, winks and smiles broadly)

More gold free for you, David E. Kelley.


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