Wonder Woman Original Graphic Novel Delayed/Scrapped Entirely?

Bleeding Cool and DC Women Kicking Ass are reporting news of a new Wonder Woman graphic novel penned by fantasy writers Margaret Weis and Lizz Baldwin titled Wonder Woman: Hand of the Gods.  Here is another cover:

And this is some concept art for the book:

It all looks quite nice, and the book is available for pre-order on Amazon, but there’s no mention of it on DC’s website or in Previews.  Amazon says it’s out in November, but DC always puts out graphic novel solicts months ahead of time… if it was coming out then, they would have said so.  Bleeding Cool reports that the book has been cancelled. 

The problem appears to be the book’s artist, Justiano, who was recently charged with possession of child pornography.  Justiano is innocent until proven guilty, of course (though it sounds like they’ve found a lot of evidence), but it’s understandable that DC would want to not be associated with him at this time.  Especially with the relaunch coming, as they are clearly hoping to garner a lot of press… “Alleged Child Pornographer Draws Wonder Woman” is most definitely not the headline they are looking for. 

Whether the book will be redrawn and published later on is unknown, but if they decide to do so it’s going to be a while until we see it.  Most graphic novels clock in at well over a hundred pages, and that’s not a quick job. 

It’s sad that the book isn’t coming out… Wonder Woman’s had a run of bad luck lately.  I completely understand why DC isn’t releasing it, but it would have been nice to have another Wonder Woman book on the shelves.  Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern all have tons of original graphic novels and collections, but the Wonder Woman section is often pretty bare.  I hope we get to see this book, newly drawn, in the near future.


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