The First Look Inside Wonder Woman #1!!

I just got back from my mini-vacation (A Dance with Dragons was SO good… more on that in another post), and it seems that I have missed a lot of things!!  There are clips from the Wonder Woman pilot all over the internets (this would not have been a good show), Superman is going to be single (we all saw it coming, but it’s still dumb), the Amazing Spider-Man trailer debuted (first off, Spider-Man sucks… second, this revamp makes no sense to me with it’s lack of Mary Jane… third, Andrew Garfield looks WAY more like Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire ever did), and apparently the NFL lockout was over and back on in the span of about two hours (COME ON… I want some football!!).  But a recent bit of news definitely needs to be shared in full: We’ve got one of Cliff Chiang’s pages from the upcoming Wonder Woman #1:

This is a fun first image… it’s always a good time when Wonder Woman is deflecting things with her bracelets.  Plus the art is fantastic.  AND classy.  Wonder Woman looks like she’s going to spill out of her top in every Justice League image we’ve seen so far, but she appears well secured here.  Nothing is gratuitous, which is a nice change from some of the other relaunch art we’ve seen so far (I’m looking at you, Harley Quinn… AND Catwoman… AND Starfire). 

She’s not wearing pants, by the way.  It remains to be seen whether the briefs or the pants are the official outfit.  Or perhaps she adjusts according to climate… it seems rather warm in this particular locale. 

I can’t wait for this book!!  I hope we get some more art from San Diego this weekend… Cliff Chiang is the best.


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2 Responses to “The First Look Inside Wonder Woman #1!!”

  1. pantywaiste Says:

    I’m actually really hoping the whole issue is full of pants-less people.

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