A Look At The New Wonder Woman From Justice League Dark #1?

DC’s been releasing tons of art at their ComicCon panels this weekend, and while Wonder Woman news has been pretty minimal so far, it appears she’s popped up in another book at DC’s The Dark and The Edge panel.  Here is a page from Justice League Dark #1 drawn by Mikel Janin:

And a closer look at Wonder Woman:

In yet another costume variation, we’ve got shorts with no stars (though to be fair, she’s pretty small… drawing stars there would be tricky) and red boots.  And I think the arm band is on the wrong arm.  People seem to be having trouble keeping this new outfit straight!!

I am actually pretty jazzed for Justice League Dark, and a Wonder Woman appearance is just icing on the cake.  It’s definitely in the top five (maybe even top three) books I’m looking forward to… it’s a great bunch of characters, and the magical side of the DC universe can be super cool when done well.  I hope it turns out well!!


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One Response to “A Look At The New Wonder Woman From Justice League Dark #1?”

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