A Second Cliff Chiang Page From Wonder Woman #1!!

DC Women Kicking Ass (via Matthew Wilson’s DeviantArt page) posted another page from Wonder Woman #1 this weekend, and it appears that we now officially have a sequence!!  According to Wilson’s titles, we have pages 14 and 15 of the book.  Let’s look at them both in order:

Only 18 pages left to go!!  Plus dialogue… that’s pretty important too.

Anyway, the new page is great.  I love Chiang’s Wonder Woman!!  We’re not getting a ton of story hints from the little we’ve seen so far, but it appears that Wonder Woman and her unknown blonde friend were somehow teleported into this locale with it’s dilapidated cabin and then set upon by a fiendish archer.  I suppose we know for sure that it’s set in the present day in man’s world (with Wonder Woman, it could have been set at any point in time and solely on Paradise Island if they wanted).  I’m sure we’ll get more pages as the relaunch nears, perhaps with some dialogue this time. 

This is far and away the awesomest looking book in the whole relaunch… be sure to pick up Wonder Woman #1 at your local comic shop on September 21!!

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

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