Wonder Woman’s Origins Revised – She Has A Dad Now

So last night I made a remark about how there hadn’t been much Wonder Woman news lately, and then I wake up to this from DC Comics

Oh, SPOILERS and stuff.

So yeah, here’s the news:

In DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, Wonder Woman will have a new origin, in which she is the daughter of Hippolyta … and Zeus! In recent interviews, writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang have teased that readers should expect the unexpected in this edgier, horror take on the superhero genre ­and the king of the gods will ensure that nothing goes as planned for his defiant daughter.

Originally created by the goddess Aphrodite and raised to perfection on the Amazon island of Themiscyra, the newest incarnation of Wonder Woman has a new costume and now a new origin ­ but she remains Wonder Woman. Strong. Proud. Fearless.

First off, CALLED IT.  Way back in August even.  Where do I pick up my prize?

Second, a lot of people seem wary, displeased, or even outraged about this news, but I don’t think it’s a huge deal.

I know that origin stories are huge, and that Wonder Woman being made of clay and imbued with life by a female goddess is all sorts of cool and feministy… I love that origin story.  However, I don’t think this is a particularly radical change.  Allow me to explain:

1) All of the other Amazons have fathers: Wonder Woman is the only one made of clay and brought to life by Aphrodite on Paradise Island.  The rest of the Amazons were normal ladies, albeit with mad skills, who became immortal when they took off after the whole Hercules debacle.  I don’t recall the comics ever really getting into the parenthood of the other Amazons, but it had to be through normal procreation.  The myths and legends about the Amazons usually involved them fighting and enslaving men, having sex with them to get pregnant, and then ditching the male babies while keeping the girl babies to perpetuate the Amazon tribe.  So now Diana has a dad too.

2) Impregnating someone doesn’t make you a father: With the pre-Paradise Island, mythological Amazons, the slave sperm “donors” were not at all involved in raising the kids on account of they got killed once the Amazons got what they needed from them.  All of the Amazons were raised in an entirely female society.  It sounds like that’s the case with Wonder Woman as well… since she’s just now finding out now that Zeus is her father, it would seem that he wasn’t a very hands on dad.  And it doesn’t change the fact that Wonder Woman was raised in an all-female utopian society.
All of her values and beliefs and whatnot come from her Amazon upbringing.

3) Wonder Woman had a dad before: Way back in the 1950s, Robert Kanigher wrote Diana a new origin story in Wonder Woman #105.  In it, the Amazons lived with men (presumably as husbands), and when all the men died at war (while the women stayed home), the Amazons, including the young Diana, moved to Paradise Island out of grief.  Check it out:

Not only did Wonder Woman have a father, but…

4) Wonder Woman’s powers came from men before: Presumably, with Zeus as Wonder Woman’s father now, her divine parentage will account for a lot of her superpowers.  A man being the source of Wonder Woman’s power is an odd idea, but again has precedent.  Turning back to Kanigher’s origin, after the baby Diana was given powers from Aphrodite (beauty) and Athena (wisdom), two other gods dropped by.  First, Mercury popped in to give her speed:

And then Hercules, the dude who imprisoned the Amazons, granted her strength:

At least now it’s only ONE male god.

5) It’s not a HUGE change: Wonder Woman having Zeus as a dad isn’t a massive change to her origin story.  The core of her origin is that she’s an Amazon raised on Paradise Island, and it looks like that’s all intact.  It’s not like Superman not being from Krypton… it’s like Superman being Zod’s son instead of Jor-El’s (that might make for an interesting story, actually).  The clay baby thing is a small component in a larger origin story, and the larger origin story remains.  It’s a change at the very beginning of the story that doesn’t affect anything that happened after.

6) Did you all read Wonder Woman #1 And was it not the best Wonder Woman issue you’ve read in, like, FOREVER?  We need to have some faith in Azzarello and Chiang.  If Zeus is Wonder Woman’s father, then there’s probably going to be a good reason for it and it’s going to make a really cool story.  Based on all of the interviews with Azzarello and Chiang, and the first issue, they both seem to have a really good handle on who Wonder Woman is and what makes her tick.  And, most importantly, they get that…

7) She’s WONDER WOMAN: She’s an Amazon, raised on Paradise Island, the perfect exemplar of Amazon ideals and values, and a simultaneously bad ass and kind superhero who no one can equal.  Who her father is doesn’t change any of that.  I understand the we all get attached to origin stories, and that aspects of Wonder Woman’s story mean a lot to people, but she’s still Wonder Woman.  She’s ALWAYS Wonder Woman.  She’s gone through tons of revamps and even re-origins, and they’ve meant different things at different times.  But no matter the source of her powers or how she got here, she uses those powers for good.  She’s an Amazon, and her parentage doesn’t affect that.

Anyway, I’m curious to see what Azzarello and Chiang are going to do with this.  It’s a big change for Wonder Woman, but I trust them, and I’m excited to see how it goes!!


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12 Responses to “Wonder Woman’s Origins Revised – She Has A Dad Now”

  1. Anonymous Says:


    Hercules should be her father

    • Carol Says:

      Hercules should be father of Princess Diana Wonder Woman. Why Queen Hippolyta agreed to give her belt to Hercules this was the custom of Ancient Greece to give up her belt meant give up her virginity to him.

  2. caprice2010 Says:

    Hercules should be her father.

    Zeus is her father then it is Incest. Queen Hippolyte’s parents is Ares, Otrera. Ares is the son Zeus, Hera. Queen Hippolyte had affair with her own grandfather. SICK

    • anon Says:

      To be fair, Zeus and Hera are brother and sister and they had sex so it’s not really so shocking. But still, I hate the new 52 era. it’s all kinds of messed up.

  3. JGons Says:

    Question, do the sons of the Amazons that are sold into slavery have any powers?

    • Carol Says:

      Amazons have never sold into slavery. Hercules tried but failed. Why did he failed, Amazons are stronger than Hercules because their grandfather is Ares the god of war. He is the father of Queen Hippolyta.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      They weren’t in the book that long, but they didn’t seem to. Though I don’t think that the Amazons have powers in current continuity either, apart from immortality. Wonder Woman’s powers are special, given only to her.

      • JGons214 Says:

        Re-read new 52 #7. They kept the girls and it seems the boys are given/presumably sold forcibly to slavers. It seems messed up that they rape and kill their “donors” in that issue. Definitely not like pre-52 “paradise”

        So if Wonder Woman had a child, would the powers pass on?

      • Tim Hanley Says:

        Yeah, it’s a really messed up issue. And that’s a really good question! I don’t know whether her divine gifts are hereditary or not. I guess it would depend on the mechanics of the gifting… if it altered her DNA, then maybe. She became a goddess at one point too, and of course gods can pass on powers. But with current continuity generally up in the air, its hard to know for sure what’s up with Wonder Woman and her powers.

      • Lauren Jones Says:

        If she have daughters, or son or twins boy and girl. Her Twins daughter would be Drusilla and Donna or Vanessa and Cassander or son would be Robert or twins should be Marvin and Wendy or Zan and Janye.

  4. Carol Says:

    If Wonder Woman is the great grand daughter and daughter of Zeus. Wouldn’t this be the strongest gift is insanity?

    Accordingly to Ancient Greek Mythology Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. He is the father of Queen Hippolyte her mother. He married the High Priestess Otrera of Artemis Queen Hippolyte’s mother.

    Apollo is her great uncle and her half-brother who wanted her. Incest.

    Apollo is the son of Zeus and mortal Leto. and twin brother of Artemis.

    Hades is the brother of Zeus and son of Cronus and Rhea and he is the great great uncle and uncle who wanted Wonder Woman to be his bride. Incest.

    Eris the goddess of Strife is daughter of Nyx (alone), or Zeus and Hera. She is the great aunt and half sister to Wonder Woman. She wanted Wonder Woman. Incest.

    Zeus her great grand father and father, he wants Wonder Woman, she is the first woman to turn him down. Incest.

  5. Lauren Jones Says:

    I agree, i like golden, silver, modern age then new 52. No Hercules is son of Zesu, and brother of Ares, and he is demigod, diana will be semi gods, i think her father should be King Alexander or Remus or one of roman or greek or other man.

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