Wonder Woman #2 Preview!!

DC’s released a preview for Wonder Woman #2 via Maxim‘s website (really, DC?  Maxim?  That’s classy…), so let’s take a look!!

Cliff Chiang is just the best!!  I have a few thoughts about the preview:

  • Hippolyta is blonde again.  That’s very Silver Age of them.
  • Paradise Island looks AWESOME… this is the first time I can remember it looking like a place where people actually live.
  • I love Hermes.  He’s so cool looking!!
  • I like that the Amazon’s dinner entertainment is lady wrestling… that seems about right.
  • Wonder Woman’s armour and such looks a lot fancier than Hippolyta’s and the other Amazons.
  • In general, it seems this Paradise Island isn’t as advanced as past versions have been.

Wonder Woman #2 comes out this Wednesday, and it’s going to be SUPER fun!!  I can’t wait to read it… I’ve already read the first issue about twelve times.


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