Preview For Wonder Woman #5… Sea Monsters!!

DC’s teamed up with Kotaku, which seems to be some sort of video game-centric site, to post a preview of Wonder Woman #5.  It’s the first of two issues without Cliff Chiang, though he does the fantastic cover and will be back with Wonder Woman #7.  Let’s check it out:

So I miss Cliff Chiang.  Tony Akins’s art isn’t bad, but Chiang just destroys on this book… he’s damn near impossible to match, much less top. 

I am, however, super jazzed for this issue on account of the sea monsters!!  That horse thing is really weird looking, and whatever Wonder Woman is fighting on the cover looks pretty crazy.  Plus I assume that sea monsters mean Poseidon, and that’ll be lots of fun!! 

I don’t know what to think of this new Lennox guy.  I love Diana, Zola, and Hermes as a team so I feel a little wary about a new guy showing up.  It sort of feels like mod era Wonder Woman, where some random guy would show up, Diana would fall madly in love with him, and they’d have adventures for an issue or two before he inevitably betrayed her.  But Diana doesn’t seem too pleased with Lennox… none of them do.

Also, Wonder Woman is not into smoking, people.  So butt out before Wonder Woman shows up and does it for you, ruining your drink in the process!!

Wonder Woman #5 is on sale this Wednesday, January 18.  If you don’t buy it, you’ll rob yourself of the fun of enjoying one of the best series on the stands right now!!  So don’t do that… get to your local comic shop and grab a copy!!


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