Wonder Woman #8 And Justice League #8 Solicits

DC’s released some sneak peaks at their April 2012 solicits, and Wonder Woman has popped up on her usual two titles.  First up, Wonder Woman #8:

Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG
On sale APRIL 18
To march on Hell itself, you’re going to need some sensational weapons – and Wonder Woman intends to call in a few family favors to get them! Armor of Hephaestus? Check. The pistols of Eros? Check! But will any of it be enough to wrest an innocent soul from the grasp of Hades? And what does Hermes know that Diana doesn’t…yet?

I love this cover.  It’s just Wonder Woman diving and shooting and having a fun time.  I mean, look at that smile… she’s LOVING shooting the pistols of Eros at whatever fiend of Hell is impeding her mission.  It’s such a fun cover.

Also, “pistols of Eros”?  I’m intrigued.  Are they like Cupid’s arrows, where those who get shot fall in love with the first person they see?  Because that would be sort of fantastic and hilarious… especially in Hell.  This trip to Hell sounds like it’s going to be a really good time.

And it looks like Cliff Chiang is cowriting it with Brian Azzarello, which is a change.  I can’t remember the last time Azzarello ever co-wrote anything?  Has this ever happened before?  They seem to work rather well together, and rather collaboratively if Azzarello helping to design the characters is any indication, so this should work out fine.

Wonder Woman also appears on the cover of Justice League #8:

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Backup story art by GARY FRANK
On sale APRIL 18
In the five years that the Justice League has been a team, Green Arrow has never once been a member. And he intends to rectify that right here, right now! One member against his candidacy: Aquaman!
Plus, in “The Curse of Shazam” part 2, Billy arrives in his new foster home just as an ancient evil is uncovered halfway across the world.

I don’t really give a hoot about the new Green Arrow, but I like Carlos D’Anda.  He’s filling in for Jim Lee this issue, though supposedly Lee will be back in May. 

Wonder Woman’s not mentioned in the solicits, but she’s on the cover anyway.  I’m sure she’ll be around in the book somewhere.  Also, SHAZAM!!  I’m sort of excited for that… I hope it’s cool.

Wonder Woman #8 and Justice League #8 are both on sale April 18.  You should get them both, really… they’re a good time!!

Published by Tim Hanley

Tim Hanley is a comic book historian and the author of Wonder Woman Unbound, Investigating Lois Lane, The Many Lives of Catwoman, and Betty and Veronica: The Leading Ladies of Riverdale.

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