3 Responses to “A Look Back At DC Comics Logos With Wonder Woman”

  1. Martin Gray Says:

    I really enjoyed this piece, Tim. I suppose the new logo will grow on me – one or two of the colour versions were interesting … but the one on the samples here looked like – no, this is a family blog!

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Thanks again, Mart!
      I can see how the logo might be sporadically cool, but I can’t imagine I’ll ever grow to like it. It lacks a sense of history, and even at it’s most creative it still seems pretty dull. I appreciate you keeping it clean, but now I’m wondering where you were going with that comment!

  2. Mick Jennings Says:

    Im use to the simplistic change of logos being in the commercial art field, but the thing that really irritates me is the fact the new logo is missing the star! So use to the star always being in the DC logo, but then again in my lifetime the “Bullet” logo is what introduced me to DC so something played off that would be perfect for them. But I can see why the new logo exists and why they went with that design. They need to at least add the star in there to make it more ascetically pleasing to the eye and bring more contrast to it.

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