The Patriots Are Going To The Super Bowl OR Wonder Woman Is Totally A Pats Fan!!

If you follow me on Twitter, you might notice that every Sunday I go on and on about the New England Patriots, perhaps excessively so.  WELL WE’RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!  We beat the Ravens and now we’re off to Indy for Super Bowl XLVI against I don’t know who yet (the game in on right now, but I’d much rather play the 49ers).  So that’s AWESOME!!!! 

And it got me thinking that the DCnU Wonder Woman is quite obviously a Pats fan too.  Check this out… here’s Wonder Woman:

And here’s the Patriots logo:

First off, the colour schemes are the exact same!!  Dark blue, dark red, and silver.  The pre-DCnU Wonder Woman had a lot of gold stuff going on, but now she’s all Patrioted up in silver.

Second, they’ve both got white stars on a dark blue background, on the hat and Wonder Woman’s briefs.  Now, I know this is common, what with the American flag having the same set up, but still.

Third, the fellow on the Pats logo is sporting a hat that comes to a point on top that is adorned with a star.  Wonder Woman wears a tiara that comes to a point on top that is ALSO adorned with a star. 

Wonder Woman is clearly a Pats fan, and definitely wants them to win the Super Bowl this year.  So if you love Wonder Woman, you should be cheering for the Pats in two weeks time.  GO PATS!!!!!!!!!


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