Cover For Wonder Woman #9

In an interview with Cliff Chiang about his new co-writing gig on Wonder Woman, Newsarama has revealed the cover for Wonder Woman #9:

Wonder Woman seems to have gotten herself into a real pickle… chained up and about to be hung (hanged?) is a bad scene!!  I guess all those sweet weapons she’s been making on the previous covers didn’t work out so great.

And he get a good look at Hades!!  The dude’s got candles on his head.  It’s an odd look, but it’s kind of cool.  Hades sounds like he’s going to be a real bugger.

Also, Azzarello and Chiang are doing the book Marvel-style now, which is fun.  They’ve been rather collaborative so far, but now instead of going from script to art, Chiang will start planning out the art from a plot outline and Azzarello will fill out the script based on the art.  It’s an old school way to make comics, and pretty uncommon these days, so it’s cool they’re mixing it up.

The full solicit will probably be out next Monday, and I’ll be sure to post it!!


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