Women At DC Comics Watch – May 2012 Solicits

After the women in comics outcry at ComicCon last summer, DC promised to include more female creators and characters in their books, and we’ve been checking the solicits every month since to see how they’ve been doing.  May is a big month because it’s the beginning of Phase Two of the relaunch.  A bunch of books have been cancelled, and we’ve got six new titles!!  Let’s see if that changes things much:

  • We’ve got two female writers, Gail Simone on Batgirl #9 and Ann Nocenti on Green Arrow #9.  There are no female writers on the new titles.
  • Amy Reeder is doing the art and cover for Batwoman #9, as she has been for a few months, BUT we’ve got two new ladies!!  Jill Thompson has art/cover duties for The Shade #8 while Nicola Scott is the only woman on the new titles, pencilling Earth Two #1.
  • As always, Yuko Shimizu is on cover duty on The Unwritten #37.
  • Outside of the non-regular comics, Vertigo has an anthology special called Mystery in Space #1 that features three women female creators: Ann Nocenti, Ming Doyle, and Nnedi Okorafor.  I’m especially excited for Okorafor… Vertigo is really branching out!!
  • In terms of new female characters, two of the Phase Two titles boast a few.  Huntress and Power Girl are starring in World’s Finest #1, which is very exciting, and The Ravagers #1 features three new characters, one scantily clad, one that’s pretty heavy on the cleavage, and one dressed how a normal person might dress if they were out in the snow.
  • Superman #9 also features a new female character, the villainess Masochist, who wears a t-shirt that says “Hurt Me”.  So yeah… woot.

Overall, on regular series there are 6 women on 6 books, which is slightly less than last month (7 women on 6 books), but with the Mystery in Space anthology that’s a decent number of women set to make comics in May.  The totals have been up and down since the summer, but April and May are definitely the best consecutive months we’ve seen yet.

For characters, World’s Finest #1 is super good… two new female leads is great to see.  The cover for The Ravagers #1 does feature some women, but not in the way you’d want it too… plus, I’ll be surprised if that book lasts 6 issues to be honest.  They’re no-name characters, and Howard Mackie and Ian Churchill don’t have a ton of name power.  And don’t even get me started on Masochist.  But yeah, hooray World’s Finest!!

May was decent, and I have no idea what June will hold.  Karen Traviss will be back with Gears of War I suppose, but it’ll be fun to see what new minis and possible creative changes are coming!!  They’re doing a lot of shuffling lately.


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