Wonder Woman #9 And Justice League #9 Solicits

It’s solicits day!!  Or it was, I suppose… it’s after midnight now.  Regardless, here’s the full solicit for Wonder Woman #9, with that bondage heavy Cliff Chiang cover we saw the other day:

Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG
On sale MAY 16
• WONDER WOMAN continues to battle through HADES in hopes of rescuing the only friend she has left.
• What is APOLLO trying to convince ARES of? Whatever it is, you can bet it’s bad news for Wonder Woman!

The person trapped in Hades has got to be Zola.  What other friends does Wonder Woman have right now?  Hermes maybe, but he’s a god.  It’s Zola.  This battle through Hades sounds epic, by the way… this is like three issues of preparation and fighting!!  And I’m jazzed for Ares to come back.  I think Ares might be playing a big part in the fight for Olympus at some point.

Here’s the solicit for Justice League #9, with an image that apparently isn’t the actual cover:

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS
Backup story art by GARY FRANK
1:25 Variant cover by CARLOS D’ANDA
On sale MAY 16
• “THE VILLAIN’S JOURNEY” begins here! Part one of a story introducing an all-new major nemesis for the Justice League by GEOFF JOHNS and JIM LEE!
• In part three of the SHAZAM! backup story, Billy Batson attempts to get used to his new life, new school and new family as Sivana unleashes an ancient evil imprisoned long ago.

This solicit is spectacularly uninformative.  “All-new major nemesis” really isn’t a lot to work with, folks.  But yay for Shazam!!  I’m veryy excited to see how these backup stories turn out… I like Captain Marvel a lot, and I hope they can find a way to make him work.

Both books are on sale May 16!!  Wonder Woman should be fine, but Justice League might be late… it’s a little off schedule right now.


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