Women In Comics Statistics: DC, December 2011 Week By Week

We’re officially changing formats!!  As fun as the weekly stats were, the scheduling regularly went off the rails and it was hard to think of new things to say every week… after nearly 100 of those posts, things felt a little repetitive to me.  Truth be told, there’s not a ton to say every week.  You need more data than that to really get into things.

So now we’ll do the weekly stats all at once, in mega-charts, and talk about the trends for the month as a whole.  These posts we’ll go up monthly, ideally around the same time as my “Gendercrunching” articles on Bleeding Cool.  These posts will give you the week by week numbers, while Bleeding Cool will have the monthly averages.  So let’s get to it, and look at the overall totals for each week at DC:

Things got better for DC in December, but they started off extremely low.  The 14.5% at the end of the month went a long way to countering the opening 7.5%, and all in all DC should even out to a pretty average month.  But this is kind of a bummer, since 3 of the 4 weeks were really solid.  That first week sunk them.  If it had been better, they’d have had a huge month.  Let’s go to the categories:

A new feature in this new format is the zero counter!!  With 4 weeks and 8 categories, there are 32 data points, and we’ll count up all the times there were no ladies at all.  This month, the zero counter is at 13.  Is this good or bad?  I have no idea because we just started this.  But it certainly seems like a lot… that’s more than a third of the spots.

What’s worse, most of the zeroes are in the big name categories.  Of these first four categories,

11 of the 16 spots were goose eggs.  Both cover artists and writers had a couple okay weeks and a couple bad ones, but there were NO female pencillers or inkers at all in December.  That’s just awful.

Colorists sucked for most of the month too, finally having a good week at the end there.  DC’s colorist numbers used to be so much better, but now there are barely any some weeks.  At least there were a few letterers, though.  Not a lot by any means, but a few.  I’m glad the letterers in November weren’t just a blip.

Assistant editors had a fairly consistent month of decent numbers, but editors were all over the board.  They had two very below average weeks, one slightly below, and one really good one to balance it out some.  Altogether, things might even out for editors, but it wasn’t a great December.

All told, it was a patchy kind of month for DC.  Things were really good sporadically, but there were a lot of weeks that just sucked for pretty near every category.  There are so few women working at DC that they just don’t show up on the chart with any regularity on the creative side.  I mean, NO pencillers or inkers??  Good grief.


  • The busiest book of the month was My Greatest Adventure #3 with 15 creators, 2 of them ladies.  I’m fairly certain that nobody bought that book, though.
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Birds of Prey #4 at 4 of 9.  People might actually have read that one.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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