Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, December 2011 Week By Week

Continuing with our new format, let’s take a look at Marvel.  They had a really up and down month in December, with two bad weeks to start and finish and two decent weeks in the middle.  Here are Marvel’s overall totals:

That’s quite a range of numbers.  A low of 7.3% and a high of 13% is some impressive variation.  I mean, the 13% is great, but three totals in single digits is uncharacteristic for Marvel lately, what with their autumnal hot streak.  They’ve been a lot better than this recently.  Hopefully this is just an off month… I really don’t want Marvel to go back to their old selves.  It was just depressing some weeks.  Let’s look at the categories:

First up, everyone’s new favourite feature, the zero counter!!  Marvel had 6 zeroes in December, so yeah it looks like DC’s 13 was high.  Really high actually… more than twice as much as Marvel is pretty terrible.  But good for Marvel!!  Four of those zeroes were letterers, which was a given for them, so that’s only two spots where we would’ve expected ladies and there weren’t any.  Not bad.

Marvel did decently in the big name categories, with some okay distribution and 3 of the 16 spots hitting double digits, with another one oh so close at 9.7%.  Twice over 10% for writers is really good to see, and while there were a lot of low weeks, at least there was usually something.

Colorists ranged from super low to super high.  Being below 10% one week is bad, but two weeks about 20% is kind of great.  Again though, no letterers.  It’s so weird.

Editorial was all over the map.  A 5.9% is just crazy low for editors, and their high of 23.1% is decent for Marvel but still nothing to get excited about.  Assistant editors went back and forth, never sucking too badly but never really killing it either.

Overall, the distribution was good and there were some solid numbers, especially on the creative side, but there were some low numbers too and editorial was pretty flat.  December didn’t quite reach the bar set by Marvel’s recent showings.


  • The busiest book of the month was the Marvel Holiday Special 2011 with 22 creators, 1 of which was a lady.  The busiest regular book was Uncanny X-Men #3 with creators and no gals.  Man, that book must have been rushed… it had 3 pencillers, 3 inkers, and 3 colorists.  That’s a bad sign.  Also, 3 assistant editors?  Really?
  • It was a tie for highest percentage of female creators with X-23 #18 at 3 of 6 and Northanger Abbey #2 at 4 of 8.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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