Ladies Night At Strange Adventures Is TONIGHT!!

You may have seen a recent post here that got a great deal of attention when I offhandedly mentioned Strange Adventures’ Ladies Night and sparked massive debates about whether or not the event is discriminatory (it’s not… I mean, come on).  Anyway, Ladies Night is tonight!!

If you don’t live in Halifax, it might be a bit too late for you to jump a plane or some such, but if you’re in the city go to 5262 Sackville Street from 7-9pm.  It’s going to be SUPER cool.  There’ll be gift bags and prizes and specials and cupcakes, plus Faith Erin Hicks will be there signing her new book Friends with Boys, along with several other classy local comics creators.  I won’t be there on account of I’m a man, but some of the awesomest ladies I know will be there living it up and buying cool comics.

So go check it out!!  It’s going to be a fantastic time plus it’s just the best store in the world.

Art from Kate or Die!


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One Response to “Ladies Night At Strange Adventures Is TONIGHT!!”

  1. crackwalker Says:

    Hopefully Strange Adventures will get a few more regular customers! The more the merrier!

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