Women At DC Comics Watch – June 2012 Solicits

It’s solicits time again!!  I could have sworn we JUST did this, but it actually has been a month.  DC Comics has released their comic solicits for June 2012, and as always we’re holding them to their promise to bring in more female creators and characters.  After the Second Wave DCnU explosion in May, things seem to be settling down a bit in June, so let’s see how things look:

  • Gail Simone is writing Batgirl #10, of course, and Ann Nocenti continues her Green Arrow run that just began last week.
  • Nicola Scott is the only returning artist, with pencilling duties on Earth Two #2, but there are some new additions!!  Before Watchmen starts in June because, well, who knows why they do the things they do… however, there are some solid creative teams and one of those excellent creators is Amanda Conner on art and cover for Silk Spectre #1.  Also new is Alitha Martinez on Batgirl #10.  I’m not sure if she’s a new penciller or inker or how permanent the gig is, but it’s always fun to see a new face.
  • There’s a new gal on covers as well: Cat Staggs has done up an excellent cover for Smallville Season 11 #2.  Last month she just did a digital cover and Gary Frank did the print version, but now it’s all her for both.
  • Technically, the solicits list Amy Reeder on Batwoman #10, but it was just announced that she’s leaving the book after Batwoman #8.  I guess they didn’t update the solicits.  So while Reeder is listed, she won’t be doing the book, unfortunately.
  • Karen Traviss is back for more bi-monthly fun, with writing duties on Gears of War #24, and Yuko Shimizu continues her cover gig on Unwritten #38.
  • There isn’t much in the way of new female characters outside of Silk Spectre, though it is nice to see her included in the first wave of Before Watchmen books.  There’s a lady villain here and there, and a female friend of the male hero mentioned sporadically, but not much else new this month.

I think this is the best month we’ve had so far!!  That’s 8 ladies on 7 different books.  It’s still not a ton, but it’s more than what we’ve seen in the past months.  And hopefully some of the new women stick around.  I don’t know if Alitha Martinez will be around long term, but Amanda Conner’s got 4 issues of Silk Spectre coming up and Cat Staggs has moved up to print cover artist for Smallville… that’s at least 6 women with a regular monthly gig, plus Karen Traviss every other month!!  Relative to past months where we were lucky to cobble together even 4 creators, 6 stable jobs for the next few months are nice to see. 

In terms of characters, June looks to be pretty quiet.  Keep in mind, though, that there have been some new female characters lately.  Vertigo’s current March launches have a lot of female leads, and Worlds’ Finest is due in May.

Overall, it seems that June will be a really solid month.  Of course, as we’ve seen with the Amy Reeder situation, it remains to be seen if all of these women will actually be on the books when they’re released come June, but as of right now it should be a good month for female creators at DC Comics.


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