Wonder Woman #7 Preview OR Cliff Chiang Is Back!!

The fine folks at Comic Vine have posted a preview of this week’s Wonder Woman #7, written by Brian Azzarello with art by Cliff Chiang:

Oh, Cliff Chiang… why can’t you draw all the comics?  Not just all the Wonder Womans… ALL the comics.  This book is so very lovely.

So, the gang’s gone to Italy now!!  They do love globetrotting.  And they’re after Eros, who looks to be kind of douchey, and not at all sympathetic when his love arrows don’t quite work out.  Luckily for the gang, he’s much more sympathetic towards good old Uncle Hermes.

I figure that the Smith is Hephaestus, which should be really fun.  I’m digging the new take on all the gods a lot.  Not that the toga gods weren’t a good time, but they’re pretty dated.  And then they turned into space gods wearing weird unitards and everything went to hell.  So yeah, these Greek gods are super cool.

Also, that Lennox is wearing an absolutely ridiculous yellow tracksuit makes me like him more.  I haven’t much cared for him so far, on account of he’s arrogant and annoying, but nothing humanizes a character like a complete lack of fashion sense.  He may talk a big game, but he’s just a dope in a yellow tracksuit.

Wonder Woman #7 is out on March 21st, and if you don’t buy it then I can’t be friends with you anymore.  Sorry, but it’s SO good AND Cliff Chiang is back!!  If that’s not a comic you absolutely MUST buy, then I just can’t associate with you.


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