Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, January 2012 Week By Week

It’s the second year of women in comics stats for Marvel, and I was pleased to see how the first year progressed.  They started out terribly, and I harangued them for months, but things really picked up in the fall and they’ve been neck and neck with DC lately, while being more widespread in where they hire women.  Hopefully the trend continues upwards for 2012!!

However, their first month of the year might not be the best.  Here are Marvel’s overall totals, week by week for January 2012:

It was a bit of a yo-yo month at Marvel, and unfortunately it went all the way down to 6.3% in the third week.  As I said in the DC post, it’s hard to come back from sixes.  The other weeks were fairly solid, with two of them firmly above average, but that one awful week will bring down the whole works for their monthly total.  Let’s take a look at the megachart:

First off, we check in with the zero counter!!  In December, Marvel had only 6 zeroes in their 32 spots, which is not so bad.  January wasn’t as good though, and the zero counter went to 9.  That’s a big jump.  Still not as high as DC, but not particularly good either.

Cover artists had a generally consistent month, but the lows were pretty small and the highs weren’t anything great.  It was a similar scene with writers, who only had one zero but none of the other weeks were especially stellar to make up the difference and post a big showing overall.  The first two categories were a consistent “meh… not bad.”

Pencillers and inkers had an odd month.  The first two weeks were pretty good, relatively speaking.  There aren’t a ton of female artists at the Big Two right now, and those were decent totals.  Then they had nothing but goose eggs to finish out the month.  Nothing makes a category look bad like zeroes.  They’re just sort of disheartening!!

Apart from an abysmal third week (nothing was good about the third week of January for Marvel), colourists killed it.  Over 20% twice and then over 30% another week is NUTS for colourists.  The terrible week will drag them down overall, of course, but those are some impressive showings for all the other weeks.

There were no female letterers, as always.  The last time Marvel had a female letterer was January 2011, so it’s been an entire YEAR since a woman lettered a Marvel comic.  It’s SO weird.

Editorial was up and down.  Nearly hitting 40% is fantastic, but two weeks in the teens isn’t so good.  Though Marvel’s editorial numbers are rarely great… I suppose it’s a bit impressive that none of the weeks were in single digits, really.  Assistant editors didn’t have the best month, with another teen showing and not a single week that broke 30%.  These are low numbers for them.

Overall, some categories were a little worse than usual while some were a little better, but there was no real crazy swings either way.  Only colourists had an extreme month, posting huge numbers for 3 of 4 weeks.  I doubt it will be a great month altogether for Marvel, but it should be pretty middle of the road at least.


  • The busiest book of the week was Fear Itself: Fearless #7 with 15 credited creators, one of them a woman.  This book has like 2 or 3 of every category… it’s odd.  Also, I have NO idea what it’s about.  Some sort of Fear Itself fallout I assume.
  • There was a tie for highest percentage of female creators, with Journey into Mystery #633 and Northanger Abbey #3 both coming in at 3 of 7.  They came out the same week too.  No wonder January 11 hit 12.9%!!
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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