DC Super Pets Books, Featuring Wonder Woman And Her Pet Kanga, Jumpa

Recently, my nephew found this awesome series of DC Super Pets books that I never knew existed.  They’re super cute, and written by various authors with art from Tiny Titans‘ Art Baltazar.  The books open with a portrait of all of the DC universe heroes with their pets, including Wonder Woman and a kanga:

It turns out that the kanga’s name is Jumpa.  Here they are in action:

And here’s The Fastest Pet on Earth, a book starring Jumpa the Kanga:

My nephew loved the books so much that he’s convinced our local library to order the whole set, so I hope he gets that one soon.  I really want to read it!!

The range of super pets featured is impressive, from the well-known to the obscure, and they all seem to come from DC history.  Jumpa is no exception.  Kangas were a regular presence on Paradise Island in the Golden Age, as you can see on this cover of Sensation Comics #6:

But the folks at DC Super Pets got even more specific!!  Here’s Wonder Woman on a kanga in Wonder Woman #33 from January 1949:

It’s Jumpa!!  She didn’t have the sweet tiara and bracelets, but there she is nonetheless, over sixty years ago.  They really did their research.

The series is fantastic, and if you have a favourite super pet you should definitely check them out.  Chances are, your favourite has starred in their very own book!!


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3 Responses to “DC Super Pets Books, Featuring Wonder Woman And Her Pet Kanga, Jumpa”

  1. ComicBookVirgin Says:

    Both my kids love this series, my daughter in particular. We just finished one starring a Green Lantern last week and I actually wrote about “Royal Rodent Rescue” (Supergirl’s cat) for later this week. Great series for the smallest fan-kids.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Yeah, they seem like great books. My nephew LOVES them. You can never go wrong with Art Baltazar, really. I’m looking forward to your piece on “Royal Rodent Rescue”!

  2. Dian Says:

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