Women At DC Comics Watch – July 2012 Solicits

DC Comics have released their solicits for July 2012, and as always we take a look through them and see how things are going for female creators and characters.  Last summer, DC promised more of both, and after some slow going for a while things have been getting a little better as of late.  Let’s see how things are looking as we move into the summer:

  • On writing duties, Gail Simone is back with Batgirl #11, as always, and Ann Nocenti carries on her more recent gig with Green Arrow #11.  Also, it looks like Amanda Conner’s been promoted to co-writer on Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2, which is fun.
  • Turning to art, we’ve got two returning favourites: Nicola Scott’s Earth Two #3 and Amanda Conner on art and covers for Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2.
  • We’ve lost a couple ladies from last month.  Alitha Martinez is off Batgirl, and Cat Staggs is no longer on covers for Smallville: Season 11 even though her Luthor cover last month was spectacular.
  • It’s also an off-month for Gears of War, so no Karen Traviss.
  • Of course, Yuko Shimizu is drawing a classy cover for The Unwritten #39.
  • There are several new books scheduled for July, but none with any female creators or characters.  For some reason there’s a He-Man book, and maybe that will have She-Ra in it, but the other new titles, Punk Rock Jesus #1 and National Comics: Eternity #1 have male leads and male creators.
  • DC’s new National Comics line promises a female creator at some point in the future at least, with Fiona Staples scheduled to do a cover, but not in July.  Also, a line centered around one-shots featuring lesser known characters sounds like a sales disaster, to be honest.  I really don’t understand what they’re thinking with National Comics.

Altogether, this is the worst month we’ve had in a while.  July’s 5 female creators on 5 different books isn’t many at all, and is a far cry from last month’s 8 female creators on 7 books.  That’s a big step down. 

No new female characters isn’t great either, though that weird National Comics thing might bring us some in the future… apparently they’re doing books about Madame X, Rose and Thorn, and something about a supermodel.  None in July though.  Just He-Man and some other dudes. 

It’s disappointing that July is so meh after several decent months, but at least that sets us up for a good August I suppose.  Hopefully July is just a blip, and August will pick up where June left off.  Cross your fingers and hope for more female characters and female creators hitting double digits, though don’t hold your breath on either.


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3 Responses to “Women At DC Comics Watch – July 2012 Solicits”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Um..Cat Staggs is still on Smallville digital covers

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      That’s really good to hear… her covers are fanastic. But for the purposes of the article, she’s not listed in the solicits like she was in the June ones so she wasn’t counted. She wasn’t even listed as digital cover artist, even, which I think she was on the first issue before doing both the second issue. Anyway, I’m glad she’s still on the digital covers!!

  2. Ale Says:

    WHAT??? no more Cat Staggs in Smallville season 11??? **cries**

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