Wonder Woman #8 Preview OR Oh Fun, New Armour!!

I have no idea what Redeye is, but today they posted a preview for Wonder Woman #8, which comes out this Wednesday.  Let’s take a look:

Hey, new outfit!!  New outfits are always fun.  It’s very reminiscent of the pre-DCnU era with the heavy use of gold.  It’s got kind of a Silver Age Wonder Girl vibe with the eagle on the chest too.  Also, it’s armour, which is fun to see.  Oddly sporadic armour I suppose… there’s still a lot exposed for potential attackers, but I like when Wonder Woman is practical and suits up to match the occasion.

As for last issue’s surprising and controversial Amazon reveal, it’s not addressed in the preview at all.  There’s a lot more book, of course, so maybe it will come up later.  From what we’ve got, Wonder Woman seems pretty focused on her mission and not really wrapped up in the shocking revelation.

I like the idea that Hell changes all the time in accorandance with the whims of Hades.  That’s sort of enjoyably messed up.  And that it’s built of souls is just creepy!!  Azzarello and Chiang are really making the gods and their world a dark and frightening thing, and I like this approach.  It’s a cool change from the togas and marble columns.

Wonder Woman #8 is out this Wednesday, April 18, so check it out if the last issue didn’t outrage you too badly.  I know a lot of people were upset, but I’m still going to get it.


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