Bryan Hitch Draws Wonder Woman on Earth 2 #1 Variant Cover

Earth 2 is set to launch in a few weeks, and DC’s premiered a variant cover for the first issue featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman (of course… why would I post it if it didn’t show Wonder Woman?).  Let’s take a look:

It’s certainly less busy than the Reis cover, and harkens back to her classic colour scheme with gold instead of silver, but I’m not loving it in terms of design or execution.  I think DC needs to get some different people to do their costume redesigns… that’s not been a high point of the relaunch at all.  Also, I don’t love Wonder Woman’s face here.  It doesn’t really look like Wonder Woman to me.  And it feels very static for someone that’s supposed to be in motion.  So yeah, not my favourite.

BUT Bryan Hitch is doing some DC work now!!  That’s a big change.  He’s been locked up at Marvel for ages.  I wonder how long it’ll be until DC gets him to do some interiors?  It’ll probably be on a mini with a LONG lead time or a special one-shot or some such (like the September #0 issues).  Hitch isn’t the fastest.

Also, let me re-confirm my prediction that the Big Three of Earth 2 are all going to die or become entirely incapacitated in the first issue, leading to the rise of the Justice Society with the Flash and Green Lantern and all of those folks.  I find it odd that they’re on the cover when the book is supposed to star other heroes.  I think the hordes of Darkseid are going to take them out.

Earth 2 #1 is available on May 2.  The covers aren’t great, but how can you say no to checking out a whole new Earth?


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