Wonder Girl On Young Justice: Invasion

Season two of Young Justice premiered this weekend, and is apparently titled Young Justice: Invasion now.  There were some BIG surprises, which I’ll mention later after a spoiler warning, but one of the most exciting changes is that Wonder Girl is on the show now!!  And I’ve got some pictures, of course.  First up is Wonder Girl after she punched Lobo in the stomach hard enough to create a shockwave that blew out all the windows in the room:

Here she is, learning she gets to be on the alpha team for their new mission:

And finally, it’s Wonder Girl with her team-up partner versus Lobo and another awesome new female addition to the team, Batgirl:

So Wonder Girl is quite obviously the Cassie Sandsmark version.  Blonde hair, black shirt, red pants… it’s clearly this gal:

No goggles, though.  Too bad.  I always liked the goggles. 

I’d been sort of hoping for Donna Troy, but Cassie is super cool too, and I can understand going with her… Donna’s backstory is somewhat, shall we say, convoluted.  Cassie might fit in a bit better, and allow them to do the teenage superhero with a normal home sort of stories they seem to like doing.

Anyway, she was pretty great!!  As I said earlier, she nailed a Khal Drogo looking Lobo square in the gut and brought the main man to his knees.  When he called her a “keezy femme”, she replied:

Yeah, yeah… “keezy femme”.  I’ve been called worse… I think?

And then socked him with a nice uppercut.  Lobo threw her around quite a bit, but she stood her ground and always came back at him.  She’s most definitely feisty, and has her own lasso and some bullet deflecting bracelets so she should be a fantastic addition to the team.  Plus she’s played by Mae Whitman, who was Roxy Richter in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World!!!!

Another reason they might have gone with Cassie is because…




… the season jumps ahead five years!!  Robin is Nightwing now!!  Tim Drake is the new Nightwing!!  Zatanna and Rocket are in the Justice League!!  And Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Artemis are AWOL in the first episode back, which is very mysterious.

But yeah, in the five years since the last episode, it looks like Superboy and Miss Martian have broken up because she’s now dating Lagoon Boy, so now they can fire up a Superboy/Wonder Girl romance like in the comics.  You know they’re going to go there.

Wonder Girl was really fun, and this new season is off to a CRAZY start!!  It’s going to be a good time a) dealing with an alien invasion, and b) finding out what happened in those five years.  Young Justice: Invasion airs on Saturday mornings as part of DC Nation on the Cartoon Network.  And it looks like next week part of the team goes to Rann with Adam Strange!!  How awesome is that?!  You should definitely watch it.


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12 Responses to “Wonder Girl On Young Justice: Invasion”

  1. JanArrah Says:

    Not a fan of Cassie’s voice atm, but I hated Miss Martian’s at first too then it grew on me.

    My big problem with this? Blue Beetle. DC is shoving him in EVERYTHING trying to make him popular. It’s getting rather desperate. He doesn’t sell, he’s not that interesting and the Blue Beetle being alien tech is well.. dumb. Let’s move on and put a more interesting character in there.. like Slobo, Ray, Empress, Captain Marvel Jr, Mary Marvel, Risk, Jesse Quick or better yet, her as Liberty Belle, Hawk and Dove, Lilith, Raven, Son of Vulcan, or well.. any number of others!

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I kind of liked the voice. And Miss Martian is Winnie Cooper!! How could you not like that right away? 🙂
      DC’ certainly pushing hard with the new Blue Beetle, and from what I can tell he does seem to be slowing developing a fanbase. I think he’s an interesting character, but more Marvels would definitely be fun too, as would Hawk and Dove. This new version of Young Justice seems to have a bit of a Justice League Unlimited vibe, so maybe we’ll bounce around a bunch of different characters this year.

  2. madison fuller Says:

    okay we are going to be on episode 4 next week awsome love this show go on wikipedia and you will see what next week episode is going to be about i love cassie and conner big fin of them as a couple not a big fan of megan and conner because that should’ve never happened but hopefully cassie and conner will be 2gether in the series love this couple one of my fav superhero couples out there i hope they will start talking to each other its already the 3rd episode and they havent even said anything really want them to be together crossing my fingers aqualad is proably not under cover and i think artemis and kf might be in episode 4 hopefully 🙂

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I hope M’gann and Conner get back together

  4. Superboy B04 Says:

    I really can’t wait for Superboy and Wondergirl to start datin’. I knew once Superboy and Miss Martian broke up and they put in Wondergirl, I knew Superboy and Wondergirl were goin’ to get together. Cause in they comics they do. And absoutley L O V E that they brought in Impulse!:D I like Kid Flash, but Kid Flash wasn’t in the Young Justice comics. It was always Impulse. I think he’s better than Kid Flash anyways. Pluse, Impulse is alot faster than Kid Flash. Lol:)

  5. Superboy B04 Says:

    Oh! And another thing, I’m a B I G fan of Superman and Superboy. And I have to say, when I Clark and Conner fightin’ together, it brought a tear to my eye because Clark never accepted Conner until the last episode of season 1. And I’m pretty sure durin’ the 5 years Clark brought Conner to the Kent Farm. Lol:) But I’ve also been debatin’ If Conner should start wearin’ the red, yellow and blue suit he wore in the Young Justice comics. I mean, in the fire season episode 4 Drop Zone, Kid Flash was like “Hey, Supy, not to late to put on the new Stealth Tech. ” And Superboy said, “No capes, no tighta. No offence.”So, let me know If you think Superboy should keep wearin’ the black shirt with the shield or the red, yellow and blue suit he wore in the comics:)

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      I like Superboy in the black shirt, personally. I’m a big fan of Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans run and the Superboy he wrote, so I dig anything that harkens back to that. But really, I’m good so long as he’s not wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses 🙂

  6. oriana Says:

    Me encanta esta serie Siiiiiiiiiiisiiiiii

  7. someone special Says:

    love the idea of Superboy and Wonder Girl!
    I’d really like to see Black Orchid as a teenager on the team, too. I think that’d be the best part of the show for me ^_^

  8. Obsidian Buttlerfly Says:

    I would also love to see Superboy and Wondergirl become a couple. I was not diggin miss martian and Superboy!!!

  9. danna Says:

    megan abandonment because superboy?

  10. la gril Says:

    excellent series superboy wonder girl couple, but I do not understand why megan abandoned and left with the other Mongolian

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