Women In Comics Statistics: Previews And Predictions For DC’s Second Wave

Now that DC’s Second Wave has launched this week with Dial H, Earth Two, GI Combat, and World’s Finest, I got to wondering how that might affect their women in comics stats for May.  Luckily for me, I’m the guy that tabulates them, so I dug into my numbers.  I haven’t got the new books yet, and there are two more yet to come, but I do have a lot of data for the old books.

By looking at the six books that got cancelled (Blackhawks, Hawk and Dove, Men of War, Mister Terrific, OMAC, and Static Shock), we can see what effect their departure will have.  Tallying up their stats for the last four months, they have some interesting totals:

  • The books had 196 credited creators over 4 months, 184 men and 12 women.
  • The overall percentage of female creators for the 6 cancelled titled was only 6.1%.
  • The 6 books combined for 3 female creators a month, 1 editor and 2 assistant editors.

With DC’s average percentage of female creators fairly steady at 11% each month, the cancelled titles’ 6.1% is a real bring down for the overall total.  We don’t know how the new titles break down yet, creatorwise, but the loss of the cancelled titles is only going to help things.

Though not by a lot… it’s only 6 books.  For example, if we take those six titles out of March’s numbers (which are coming soon!), then DC’s overall percentage of female creators jumps from 11% to a whopping 11.3%.  It’s not super exciting, but it’s certainly better than nothing.  If the books are at least in the average range, then things should be up a tick at DC.

The 6 cancelled series were also putting up goose eggs on the creative side of the charts, so a) DC’s not losing anything with their cancellation, and b) there’s only room to grow.  Nicola Scott’s drawing Earth Two, so the new books are already one up on the creative side of things.  And Karen Berger’s editing Dial H I think, so there’s another lady.  Plus, based on information from previews for two issues (only two books had full credits in their previews), Rosemary Cheetham is colouring World’s Finest and Kate Stewart is the assistant editor on GI Combat.  With only partial information, we’ve already topped the 6 cancelled titles’ combined 3 female creators!!  And there could be even more once we have full credits for everything.

Overall, DC’s Second Wave should be nothing but a plus in terms of women in comics!!  The 6 cancelled titles were a combined drag on the numbers, so it looks like things will be going up.  The May numbers won’t be up for a while, but I’m optimistic.

FINAL FUN FACT: In case you were wondering why 4 of the 6 new series debuted all at once this week, it’s because DC’s trying very hard to have their titles come out on the same week every month.  Hawk and Dove, Men of War, OMAC, and Static Shock all came out at the first of the month, so that’s four holes for DC to fill with four of their new titles.  Now that I think about it, “Fun Fact” might not be the best title for this tidbit… I might be the only one that finds this sort of fact to be fun.


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