Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head!!

From DC’s The Source blog, here’s a brand new toy you’re all going to want… a Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head:

This, and a Superman version, will be available in August.  And she’s got the bracelets, and her lasso!!  That’s an impressive level of detail.  So if you ever wanted to disassemble Wonder Woman, this is the toy for you.  Man, I bet William Moulton Marston would LOVE this… his Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head would probably get super weird really fast.

Also, it’s the old school outfit, which is a) more fun, and b) not super consistent really.  If they want this DCnU stuff to get more traction, they maybe shouldn’t make ALL of their superhero merchandise wear the old school outfits.  Though I suppose they’re in an odd spot, since the old costumes are so recognizable… that transition might be difficult.  But that’s neither here nor there…

Anyway, this looks super cool!!  Look for the Wonder Woman Mrs. Potato Head in August.


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