Wonder Woman #9 Preview OR An Ares/Strife Team-Up That Ends As Badly As You’d Expect

MTV Geek has posted a preview of Wonder Woman #9, and after a great deal of finagling because a) I’m Canadian and their site tried to ship me over to the less good, Wonder Woman previewless mtv.ca, and b) MTV Geek‘s preview device is kind of annoying, I’ve finally sorted out how to post it.  So let’s take a look:

HOORAY Strife is back!!  Strife is the best really (after Hermes).  And Ares is back too, which amuses me to no end because he totally looks like Azzarello.  Anyway, Strife is trying to get Ares back in the game but he’s still staying on the outskirts.  This, I’m sure, will change at some point soon.  Then KABOOM Damascus.  What else do you expect when Ares comes to visit?

Tony Akins is on art duties for this issue, and while I’ll miss Cliff Chiang terribly like I always do, this is some of Akins best art yet I think.  And we do get some Cliff Chiang with that fantastic cover.  I love how the noose hangs around the front of the logo.  Chiang’s cover work has been spectacular.

So no news on Wonder Woman’s Hell predicament, but it will undoubtedly come up in the pages that follow.  Look for Wonder Woman #8 on May 16th!!


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