I Totally Missed Wonder Woman On The Cover Of Batwoman #12

So that’s a really nice cover, right?  J.H. Williams III is killing it like always, with Batwoman leaping into someone’s mouth while snakes are wrapping around her.  It’s super cool.  Guess what I TOTALLY missed while perusing this cover as I read the solicits yesterday:

Wonder Woman is on the cover!!  And in super classy silhouette form.  I LOVE super classy silhouettes.  I’m far too young to be losing my eyesight… I don’t know how I missed that.  Plus the last line of the solicit reads:

Batwoman seeks an unexpected ally: WONDER WOMAN!

So I guess I’m just a moron.  Anyway, it’s a fantastic cover, and now I’m even more excited for this issue than I usually am for Batwoman, which is RIDICULOUSLY excited because it’s one of my favourite books.  Look for it on August 15th… Wonder Woman’s going to be in it, if you didn’t notice.


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