Women At DC Comics Watch – August 2012 Solicits

DC’s solicits for August came out this week, so that means it’s time for our monthly read through to see how they’re doing in terms of female creators and characters.  After DC promised more of both in response to the outcry following the DCnU announcements, we’ve been keeping track.  Things had improved lately but then last month took a real nosedive, so hopefully we’ll get a rebound with the August solicits.  Let’s check it out:

  • Our two writings mainstays are there as always; Gail Simone writes Batgirl #12 while Ann Nocenti writes Green Arrow #12.
  • There’s no Gears of War this month, or last month either.  It usually ships every other month… has it been cancelled?  If so, we’ll be without Karen Traviss’ bi-monthly appearance.
  • Nicola Scott is pencilling Earth 2 #4, while Adriana Melo is filling in on pencils for Catwoman #12.  We’ve also got a new mini-series with a female artist: Cat Staggs on Phantom Lady #1.
  • Speaking of Phantom Lady #1, Amanda Conner is doing the cover for that issue.  I’m not sure if she’s on covers for the whole four issue run, or just the premiere issue.
  • Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre takes a break in August, so there’s no Amanda Conner there this month.
  • The ever dependable Yuko Shimizu has cover duty on The Unwritten #40.
  • That weird new National Comics thing has a female character-centric issue in August with National Comics: Looker #1.  It’s about a superhero who was turned into a vampire AND Guillem March does the cover, so yeah… it sounds kind of terrible.
  • But there’s also the new Phantom Lady mini!!  A female protagonist AND two ladies involved in the art.  Palmiotti and Gray’s recent The Ray mini bombed terribly, but hopefully Phantom Lady finds more of an audience.

Altogether, the August solicits list 7 female creators on 6 different books, which is a solid step up from last month’s 5 female creators.  DC’s solicited better months recently, but this is pretty good comparatively.  Also, it appears that Gears of War is over!!  I could go change my earlier wondering, but now it adds some mystery I think.  Anyway, it’s set to end in June, so no more Karen Traviss.  She’s been a regular here, and in the women in comics stats, since the beginning of both.

In terms of female characters, that vampire supermodel thing sounds pretty bad, but the Phantom Lady mini-series could be cool!!  There also seems to be a lot of female leads teaming up in August… Batwoman is going to be in Batgirl, while it looks like Wonder Woman will be in Batwoman.  So there’s some female cross-pollination for you.

Overall, August looks to be better than July, and decent but not great compared to past months.  September could be interesting because a lot of people are anticipating some new series one year after the big relaunch.  There are also rumours of #0 issues, which might involve some different creative teams.  There have been a rash of annuals lately, with 4 scheduled for August, but none of them feature any solicited female creators or center on female characters.  Perhaps September will bring more annuals too.  We’ll find out in a month!!


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2 Responses to “Women At DC Comics Watch – August 2012 Solicits”

  1. Martin Gray Says:

    Hiya Tim, as ever, I’m not convinced that counting the women is meaningful, but interest is reason enough!

    The Ray bombed? I thought it was a terrific mini series, and saw nothing but splendid reviews.

    As for National Comics, what’s so weird? Isn’t it just a series of First Issue Specials? As regards Looker, it sounds as if you were lucky enough to escape her previous vampire transformation in the Outsiders comics. Mind, this did lead to a great guest spot in a couple of Batman stories.

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Hi Mart,
      The reviews for The Ray were good, but the sales weren’t… the last issue sold only 10,141 copies, for 170th spot that month. It seemed to go rather unnoticed on the stands.
      I find National Comics odd because it’s not a known brand name AND it’s paired with little known characters… and some not particularly well known creators too. I just don’t see how it’s going to sell. No, I missed her in the Outsiders, and will likely pass on her again. I’m curious to see what other characters they’ll trot out, but they seem to be scounging in the very back of the bench.

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