Congratulations Northstar And Kyle (Who Doesn’t Have A Cool Superhero Name, I Guess)

The rumour we’ve been hearing about for ages is now officially confirmed, and on The View no less: Northstar’s getting married to his boyfriend, Kyle, in Astonishing X-Men #51!!  So that’s very exciting.  I have a few quick thoughts:

  • The View!!  I know it’s all corporate synergy, like how CNN always has stories about DC characters on their site, but that’s still a huge and unconventional platform for Marvel.  I bet NO ONE who regularly watches The View has ever read an X-Men comic, and maybe a few will now.
  • Hooray Northstar!!  Canadians are awesome.  I wonder where he’s getting married?  Gay marriage has been legal up here in Canada for years… maybe he’ll come get hitched at home.
  • I know that Apollo and Midnighter pre-date Northstar and Kyle by about a decade, but a gay couple getting married in a mainstream comic book is still fantastic.  Apollo and Midnighter were in comics that kids couldn’t really buy… anyone can go get Astonishing X-Men.  Though yeah, Kevin Keller totally beat them to it, mainstreamwise.
  • And in Johnny-come-lately news, DC’s got a gay character coming too, apparently.  An established, iconic character even.

So congratulations to Jean-Paul and Kyle, and congratulations for Marjorie Liu and Mike Perkins for getting all this sweet press and getting to tell such a cool story.  It’s always good to give heteronormativity a swift kick in the ass, and a high profile gay marriage will certainly do that!!


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One Response to “Congratulations Northstar And Kyle (Who Doesn’t Have A Cool Superhero Name, I Guess)”

  1. Jan Arrah (@JanArrah) Says:

    Yeah Kyle has no codename because he’s a normal average guy who has not been developed one bit and is a very boring character just thrown in as an aside in a major X-Men event. He’s got really no personality and as a Northstar fan, I think he could do vastly better.

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