Wonder Woman #10 Preview OR It Looks Like We’re Busting Out Of Hell!!

Comic Book Resources has posted a preview for Wonder Woman #10, and finally Wonder Woman is getting the hell out of dodge.  And by dodge, I mean Hell.  She’s getting the hell out Hell.  Let’s take a look:

First off, Comic Book Resources is the BEST with previews.  They’re big and clear and easy to nab and put on your own site.  I think they’re the gold standard for previews.

Second, this is really interesting.  It’s only four pages so clearly we don’t have the whole story, but it sort of looks like Eros’ love guns really DID affect Wonder Woman.  She DOES love Hades, but his not trusting her and trying to tie her down, metaphorically, has killed that love and now she’s fixing to bust out of Hell.  That’s kind of cool… I was thinking the whole thing was an elaborate ruse.  I’m curious to see how the escape plays out.

Also, Tony Akins is joined by Kano on this issue, and they’re splitting the art duties pretty evenly.  Seeing another take on the world Azzarello and Chiang have built could be fun!!

Finally, I LOVE that cover.  It’s so creepy and cool.

You can get Wonder Woman #10 this Wednesday, June 20, at your local comic shop!!


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3 Responses to “Wonder Woman #10 Preview OR It Looks Like We’re Busting Out Of Hell!!”

  1. Tangentman Says:

    I really must say here how completely wrong you are about Comic Book Resources…
    yes, they do excellent previews but its their forums that are disturbing. The Wonder Woman forum in particular has displayed racist and homophobic language over the past two years.
    Many people have willingly banned said forum after its moderator David Berger was arrested for sexual crimes agianst two children.
    The ongoing Facebook campaign to remove him has attracted over 20, 000 followers so far.
    So no, sorry. I absolutely cannot agree with you about CBR.

  2. Janet Clemonson Says:

    I have been on CBR too and youre right, its full of racist trolls on that forum. I havent read any homophobic stuff but theres plenty of posts with racial insults on them. And I support the fight to get that Berger creature off the forum as well. Why are CBR keeping him on? Madness.

  3. Tim Hanley Says:

    I’ve seen these David Berger accusations in the comments on other websites, but I can’t seem to find any solid information about it. Generally speaking, most forums are just terrible places to hang out, and I’ve no doubt that some bad things have been said on CBR’s WW forum, but I can’t find any confirmation about this Berger arrest. In fact, most of what I found tonight was contradictory and seemed to consist of troll-like postings in the comment sections of pages not even related to Wonder Woman or CBR. I’m not accusing anyone here of trolling, but I think that this accusation against Berger surely warrants some evidence. If you can provide any, please do. If not, I’d rather not have something on my site be possible slander. Thanks.

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