Women In Comics Statistics: DC, April 2012 Week By Week

First off, sorry for the delay in April’s stats.  My computer crashed a little while ago and while I had a lot of stuff backed up, I lost a few weeks of stats work, including some of the April numbers.  But now we’re back on track!!  So let’s get right to the numbers and see how DC did week by week in April 2012:

Not surprisingly, DC followed the same pattern as always: A low first week, followed by three slightly better than average weeks.  Ultimately, it’ll likely equal out to their usual total for the monthly stats.  DC does love to be consistent, but May is the Second Wave of their relaunch so maybe that’ll mix up the numbers some.  I’m a couple weeks into those stats now, and they’re looking a little different.  Anyway, to the mega-chart:

Hey, it also looks similar!  Learn to mix it up, DC.  Before we get to the categories, let’s turn to the zero counter… and hold on to your socks, folks.  Something is different!!  Last month, DC had 11 zeroes, which was pretty bad, but this month it’s only 6!!  That’s almost half, which is excellent.  The numbers in a lot of the categories may not have been huge, but there were numbers there nonetheless.

Cover artists are a good example of this.  Although the second week of April was decent, hitting double digits even, the other three weeks were rather paltry.  BUT there were numbers… every week of April had a female working on at least one cover.  That’s something at least.

We see a similar phenomenon with writers, where there were female writers 3 out of 4 weeks.  Now, those 3 weeks weren’t terribly exciting, with only one woman each week, but again it’s something, and fairly consistently so.

Even pencillers and inkers weren’t as terrible as usual.  Both had 2 weeks with nothing, but they also had 2 weeks with something, and one of those weeks was higher than usual for pencillers.  Once again, it’s slightly better than average even though it’s not particularly great by any means.

Colorists were all over the map with 2 weeks in single digits (one of them tiny) and another week over 20%, and the second week in between these extremes.  The high is nice, the low is REALLY low, and all together things seem about average.  Plus, female colorists every week!!  And almost every week for letterers, with Saida Temofonte holding down the fort for the ladies with a book 3 out of 4 weeks.

Editors were all over the place too.  Starting out with 2 weeks in the teens isn’t great, but 36.4% is pretty high and the last week wasn’t so bad.  The teens might drag down the monthly total, though.  Assistant editors, on the other hand, had a fantastic month.  Twice above 40% with a low of only 29.4% is really solid.  As always, editorial carries the bulk of the load for DC, ladywise.

While the overall numbers were pretty run of the mill for DC and their stats by category weren’t exactly setting any new records, it was nice to see a little more consistency across the board.  It’s consistently low in most cases, but that’s better to see than sporadically low and usually non-existent.  Sometimes you’ve got to take what you can get with these stats.  It’s a silver lining to a rather dark cloud.


  • The busiest book of the month was Batman Beyond Unlimited #3 with 18 creators, an impressive 5 of them women!!  The digital side has a lot of female assistant editors, plus Saida Temofonte on letters usually, so when they get reprinted it tends to go well, statswise.  Also, WOW they pack a lot into that book… it’s like four stories a month!!
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Batgirl #8 at 4 of 8 again.  Bobbie Chase is probably leaving soon, though, for her new executive editor gig.  Batgirl’s reign may not last much longer.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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