Wonder Woman And Batwoman Team Up In Batwoman #13!!

To be honest, I don’t love this cover, but this is still pretty much the best team-up ever.  Batwoman AND Wonder Woman drawn by J.H. Williams III is going to be EPIC.  And it sounds like it’s going to be a bit of arc too, which is super fun… The Source says that it’s “beginning in Batwoman #13, so maybe Wonder Woman will be around for a few issues.

I’m excited to see what Williams and W. Haden Blackman do with Wonder Woman, since she hasn’t really done a lot outside of her main series since the relaunch.  She’s pretty much a background player in Justice League, and most of her lines consist of “Hells yeah, fighting!!” or some such.  I like Williams’ concept of having Batwoman and Wonder Woman be both very different but still complimentary, the way that Superman and Batman are.  That’s a really cool angle to take with the characters.  Plus the art is going to be NUTS.  Here’s a Williams Wonder Woman piece from a few years ago to tease you further:

Also, it seems that I am a genius.  When I started my blog a while back, I did a few posts called “Why Aren’t They Drawing Wonder Woman?” profiling artists that I thought would do an awesome job with Diana.  First up was Cliff Chiang, who’s now the regular artist on Wonder Woman.  Second was J.H. Williams III, who’s now drawing her in Batwoman.  Third was Jim Lee, who’s now drawing her in Justice League.  All three have come true!!  I must have a weird superpower.  If I do, then universe/DC Comics, I LOVE Mahmud Asrar and would like to see him do some Wonder Woman please!!  Perhaps a Wonder Woman/Supergirl team up?  Get on it, special powers!!

The (presumably) first issue of Wonder Woman and Batwoman’s team up,Batwoman #13, hits the stands on October 17, and if you don’t pick it up then you’re insane.  That’s all there is to it.  Wonder Woman.  Batwoman.  J.H. Williams III.  You HAVE to buy it.


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