Science Experiment Fun With Wonder Woman!!

Continuing on in my recent “fun things I read in All-Star Comics” vein, here are a few science experiments you can do with Wonder Woman.  In the last couple years before All-Star Comics was cancelled, every issue a member of the Justice Society would suggest some science experiments for the kids to try at home.  These are Wonder Woman’s ideas, from All-Star Comics #50:

I love that the suggestion for making a semi-convex lens is to use an ash tray.  You can tell this comic is from 1949.  And I’m pretty sure they don’t mean lime the fruit with that dissolving experiment… it sounds like it’s lime the potentially harmful substance.  That might have ended badly for a few kids. 

Regardless, these are still cool experiments.  Potentially hazardous, perhaps, but still cool.  I like this idea.  We need more comics with science experiment ideas in them.  Safer science experiments, of course.  Oh, and we’d need more comics for kids too.  Regular readers of Wonder Woman are likely grown-ups who aren’t terribly interested in lighting a fire with a double-convex lens made of ice.  Except for me… I really want to try that.  So yeah, we need a) more kids comics, and b) fun science experiment suggestions in those books.  Get on it, DC!!  You’ve got a good start with all of these old All-Star Comics issues to draw from.


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