Wonder Woman #13 Cover And Solicitation

It’s yet again one of our favourite days of the month, new DC solicits day!!  And Cliff Chiang’s cover for Wonder Woman #13 is super cool.  Here it is, with the solicit:





On sale OCTOBER 17

• A terrible betrayal forces Wonder Woman to make a deal with the gods who want her dead!

• Ares, god of war, takes a sudden interest in the Amazing Amazon!

This is such a fantastic cover.  It’s one of those covers where if you saw it on the stands you’d think “Well I wonder what’s going on here?!” and have to buy it.  It’s rather enticing.  How can you not be curious about why Wonder Woman’s in the middle of the desert, all Lawrence of Arabia-like, following bloody footprints?  Colour me intrigued!!

It seems this betrayal we’ve been hearing about in the last few solicits is going to be sort of a big deal and have a lot of ramifications.  Any thoughts on who the betrayer is?  My money’s on Lennox or Hephaestus.  It best not be Hermes because he’s my favourite.

Plus, after we learn about Wonder Woman’s past with Ares in September’s Wonder Woman #0, it seems that he finally comes into play in the present in this issue, which should be cool.  And unfortunate for those around him.  Death follows that dude like crazy.

The Justice League #13 solicit is just the Cheetah cover I posted already and absolutely no new information at all, so we’ll skip that.  Those Justice League solicits are always incredibly uninformative.

Anyway, this is issue will be worth buying just for the super awesome cover.  Look for Wonder Woman #13 on October 17!!

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