Women At DC Comics Watch – October 2012 Solicits

We’ve been looking at DC’s solicits for almost a year now, ever since they promised to include more female creators and characters after the brouhaha at ComicCon last year.  In that time, things have been up and down for DC.  New female creators would come in, but others would leave.  There was the sporadic new female character, but old favourites are still missing.  Frankly, things haven’t been great, and last month kind of sucked.  But we just got the solicits for October 2012, and HOLY WOW it’s the best month yet, and by FAR.  Now, it’s only one month so let’s not get too excited, but it’s a pretty great month nonetheless.  Some excitement is called for.  Let’s go through the solicits… there are so many ladies that this is going to be tricky to present intelligibly:

  • Okay, let’s start with writers on DC’s main line, superhero books.  We’ve got: Amanda Conner on Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #4, Ann Nocenti on Green Arrow #13 and her new gig on Catwoman #13, Gail Simone on Batgirl #13 AND Batgirl Annual #1, and Christy Marx on Sword of Sorcery #1.
  • Now to the art.  Amanda Conner is doing the art and cover for Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #4 along with the same for Ame-Comi Girls #1: Wonder Woman, Nicola Scott is penciling Earth 2 #5 AND she has a story in Legends of the Dark Knight #1, Adriana Melo is drawing Catwoman #13, Becky Cloonan is drawing Swamp Thing Annual #1, Fiona Staples is doing the cover for National Comics: Madame X #1, and finally Cat Staggs is on art duties for Phantom Lady #3.
  • Holy cats, that’s a lot.
  • And there’s more!!
  • Over at Vertigo, Lauren Beukes writes Fairest #8 with Inaki Miranda on art, and the Ghosts anthology features work by Mary H.K. Choi and Amy Reeder.  And, as always, Yuko Shimizu is doing the cover for The Unwritten #42.
  • As for female characters, there’s not a ton new generally, but Wonder Woman stars in Ame-Comi Girls #1: Wonder Woman, Madame X is the subject of National Comics, and Rapunzel takes center stage in Fairest.  Plus Ann Nocenti on Catwoman might make that book WAY less awful.

So that’s a pile of ladies.  Last month there were only 5 female creators on 5 different books.  In October, it’s a whopping 14 women on 15 books!!  That’s HUGE.  It’s far and away the most female creators DC’s had in their solicits in AGES.  I’m a little bit astounded.

Now, of course, 7 of these gigs are one time deals, ie. the annuals and special anthologies and such.  But on the plus side, tons of those are doubles.  Gail Simone may not be writing a Batgirl Annual again next month, but she’ll be writing Batgirl.  Same with Nicola Scott on Legends of the Dark Knight… that’s a one time gig, but she’s still the regular artist on Earth 2.  So yeah, things will likely be down a bit next month, but a) this month is HUGE, and b) so is the new, ongoing status quo.  At least 11 women have steady gigs on a DC comic book for the foreseeable future and should be back next month, and of those Simone and Nocenti are writing 2 books each even!!  I’m not saying DC’s turned a corner yet, because the last few months haven’t been great, but if the numbers hold up like they look like they will then maybe things are changing.  We’ll have to see.

There wasn’t a lot going on with female characters, mostly because there were barely any new books, but of those new books there were a lot of ladies.  Given how few new books there are scheduled, October is actually pretty good for female characters too.

So yeah, go buy some DC comics in October!!  There are women all over the place, for a very nice change.


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  1. A Boner for Barbara: The Truth About What Happened at SDCC 2012 » Comics Bulletin Says:

    […] As I was sitting there, watching the discussion and listening to the panelists through a haze of exhaustion, I started thinking about the good things DC's done over the past year. Don't get me wrong, the company has made a lot of mis-steps along the way, but the fact of the matter is, Ann Nocenti is writing Green Arrow and will soon be writing Catwoman, Gail Simone is on Batgirl, Becky Cloonan will be doing the art for Batman #12, and there are several new female-led ongoing books, such as World's Finest and the newly-announced Amethyst. Amanda Conner will be doing Before Watchman: Silk Spectre and Cat Staggs will be drawing Phantom Stranger. That's only a sampling of some of the upcoming work that either stars fictional women or is being created by real women. (For a more comprehensive list, check out Tim Hanley's most recent analysis at his blog, Straitened Circumstances). […]

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