Wonder Woman Sketches From The Olympians’ George O’Connor

A little while ago I heartily recommended George O’Connor’s Olympians series, and first let me do so again.  I just read Athena: Grey-Eyed Goddess and it was FANTASTIC.  The Hera one is still my favourite, but they’re all ridiculously good.  Go buy them or check your local library or some such… you will not be disappointed.

Carrying on, it seems that O’Connor did some Wonder Woman sketches a few years back, and a) he’s a great artist, and b) has a cool take on her, so I thought it would be fun to check them out.  Here’s his first sketch… on his blog he laments running out of space to finish her foot:

The helmet look is kind of cool.  The whole outfit seems more like armour than usual, and the helmet really caps that off.  No matter who’s reinterpreting Wonder Woman, the tiara usually stays relatively intact, so I like that he mixed it up and went full helmet with it while still keeping the original shape. 

This is his second sketch, drawn for Wonder Woman Day back in 2010:

It’s the same design, with the hoplite skirt and the helmet.  I’m surprised that O’Connor didn’t arm her in some way, given the militaristic vibe of the outfit.  She’s got the lasso I suppose… what else would she need?

Anyway, it’s a fun take on the character.  I LOVE O’Connor’s work like crazy, and it would be amazing to see him do an actual Wonder Woman comic, both writing and drawing.  I’d kill for a graphic novel, or even just an annual!!  Or maybe if they do another Wednesday Comics sort of thing (which they SHOULD… that was so great), he could do a Wonder Woman strip.  I just blew my own mind with the fantasticness of that last idea.  How amazing would that be??

So yeah, check out the Olympians series!!  It’s EPIC.


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