You Really Ought To Go Buy Captain Marvel #1 Today

Seeing as this is a Wonder Woman blog, we don’t spend a lot of time talking about other characters and books, but today we’re going to make an exception.  Captain Marvel #1 hits comic stores today, and you should really buy it.  It’s written by Kelly Sue DeConnick, who is super awesome, and is drawn by Dexter Soy, who’ve I’ve never heard of before but who seems to have some skills if this preview image is any indication:

I am SO jazzed for this book.  The premise is that Miss Marvel has become Captain Marvel, and DeConnick describes her pitch for the book as “Captain Marvel as Chuck Yeager”, so basically crazy ass superpowers channeled through a classy, bad ass fighter pilot. 

You may be thinking “Who is Miss Marvel?” or “I don’t know anything about Marvel comics” or some such, but guess what?  I’m totally in the same boat.  I’ve never read a Miss Marvel comic in my life, and I barely follow the goings-on in the Marvel universe.  Basically, if it’s not happening in The Mighty Thor then I don’t know about it because that’s the only Marvel superhero book I get.  This looks to be a good book for people like us.

It’s got no tie-in banners, for one thing, so we don’t need to go back and read up on all the AvX stuff or some such.  Plus, the first issue is a one and done introduction to the character, and then the first story arc starts in the second issue, so you don’t even have to make a long term commitment.  You can try out the first issue and not be left hanging with some big cliffhanger, and then decide whether to keep picking it up from there.  That seems like a good deal.

Not to mention that it’s REALLY fun to get in on the ground floor of something awesome.  Kelly Sue DeConnick is in the early days of becoming the next big thing.  Go read her Osborn mini or her Supergirl story… the gal is going to be huge.  In two or three years when she’s the next Brian Michael Bendis or Ed Brubaker or Geoff Johns, you can smugly tell all your friends “Yeah, I bought her first ongoing series from the very beginning.”  Dexter Soy is an up and comer too, and this is his first work at the Big Two.  The dude’s got serious potential, and his art is definitely worth checking out.

And, of course, it’s a book with a female lead!!  We definitely need more of those.  Especially at Marvel, where female starring books haven’t been having the best go of it lately.  As much as we can all talk about feminism and female characters and creators and such, at the end of the day comics is a business.  The books need to sell, and this is a book that checks all the boxes for things we feminist folks have been wanting more of in the comic industry.  Everyone at Marvel seem very keen for this book to succeed, and that’s fantastic, so we should all give them a hand with that and check out Captain Marvel #1.

You’re already buying Wonder Woman #11 tomorrow, right?  So pick up Captain Marvel #1 as well and kick in three bucks to check out two cool creators and a kick ass female character.  I really think you’ll be glad you did.  Plus, come on… trying out a new series is such a good time!!  There’s nothing better than a new number one issue, a whole world of possibilities in front of you.  Not knowing much about Miss Marvel, I literally have NO idea what’s going to happen in this book, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

So yeah, go buy Captain Marvel #1!!  It’s available in stores and digitally, and I think you’re really going to dig it.


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4 Responses to “You Really Ought To Go Buy Captain Marvel #1 Today”

  1. Karl Says:

    Ive always been a massive Ms.Marvel fan from way back when….I bought the first sixteen issues of her original book in the late 70s. Then around the time her second volume came out around 2007 [I think] i got the Essential edition which brought me up to speed on what I missed. Her second run ruined her image slightly when she became a soldier for Civil War and then her remaining issues were marred by the other SHIELD agents she was in charge of.
    So I am really looking forward very, very much to this third run.

  2. Karl Says:

    Can i also say that when she was created in 1977, Ms. Marvel was actually pitched as Marvels version of Wonder Woman; Ive followed her for years, a fabulous character, so strong and stridently feminist.
    I do urge you to seek out the aforementioned issues in my previous post…she is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tim Hanley Says:

      Yeah, I’d really like to check out the early Miss Marvel issues!! I’ve seen them mentioned in some articles/interviews about the new book, and they sound really cool. I should see if my LCS has the Essential Ms. Marvel collection. It would be fascinating to see how she compares to Wonder Woman during that era.

  3. Karl. Says:

    And looking through the second volume of Ms.Marvel [around 2009] I also noticed Aaron Lopresti – the artist on WW during Simone’s run – did a couple of issues. He drew a fab Ms.Marvel.

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