Women In Comics Statistics: DC, May 2012 Week By Week

After eight months of putting out pretty much the same stuff every week, May was the beginning of DC’s Second Wave with six titles cancelled and six new titles starting.  Let’s see how the stats compare to past months and look at our overall numbers for May 2012:

Amusingly, the pattern is very similar, with a low first week and then pretty good weeks the rest of the month.  However, the low first week is a lot higher than usual, as are the better weeks that follow it.  That 12.7% and 13% are really good weeks for DC as of late, so their average total for the month could go up.  Let’s take a look at the extra large mega-chart, since this was a five week month:

There are some decent numbers in there!!  But first, the zero counter.  Last month DC had only 6 zeroes on their mega-chart, which was their best number yet.  This month, adjusted to take into account the five weeks, DC’s zero counter was at 9.6.  That’s not so great, but it’s in the single digits at least.  It was a mixed bag at DC in May, with some good numbers and a fair amount of zeroes.

It wasn’t the best month for cover artists, with a couple of goose eggs and no really big numbers.  Two weeks in the 6% range isn’t bad, but the poor showing the other three weeks really brings down the whole thing. 

It was an odd month for writers, who started out with a decent week, then had a VERY good week, and then ended the month with a whole lot of nothing.  The second week was so good because of Vertigo’s Mystery in Space anthology, which had three different female writers.  Combined with Gail Simone on Batgirl, that was a big week.  However, that one anthology had more female writers than DC usually has ALL month, so hooray for one good week but ugh for it being so easy to blow the usual numbers out of the water.

It wasn’t a great month for interior artists by any means, but it was fairly consistent with past months.  To be honest, I expected more with Nicola Scott starting on Earth 2 and all of the female creators in Mystery in Space, but these numbers are well within the range of our usual totals.  Female artists in 5 of the 10 slots is kind of bad, objectively, and fairly decent, comparatively.  Celebrate the little things, I guess.

Now here’s something impressive!!  Colourists had a fantastic May.  Only one week in single digits, and barely at that, with one week at a whopping 25%!!  That’s crazy good, especially since DC’s been in a colouring slump lately.  Though that good week is again because of Mystery in Space… next month might suck.  As for letterers, it was a solid, consistent month.  I know that 22.2% looks awesome but a) the fifth week didn’t have very many books, so that’s really only two credits, and b) there was a lot of digital first and video game stuff that week, which usually mean our good pal Saida Temofonte. She had all four lettering credits this month, as usual.

It was an up and down month for editors, starting and ending with some low numbers but having three solid weeks in the middle.  Altogether, it looks better than usual AND in one of the low weeks there were only 9 books so we take those numbers with a grain of salt.  Assistant editors had three great weeks and two surprisingly low weeks.  In general, there was a lot of editorial reshuffling in May, that looks to be continuing in June, with all the new books and Bobbie Chase’s promotion and such, so it might take a couple of months to find our new status quo.

Overall, there were a lot of zeroes and low numbers, but a few bright spots here and there.  It’s too bad that a lot of the bright spots came from a one-shot anthology and a quiet fifth week, though.  June won’t have that, but it will have four brand new Before Watchmen books, so we’ll see how that affects the stats.


  • The busiest book of the week was our oft-mentioned Mystery in Space anthology with 40 different credited creators, 10 of them women.  It looks like Vertigo’s next anthology comes out this October, and it lists Amy Reeder and Mary H.K. Choi in the solicit, so that’s fun.
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators is yet again Batgirl #9 at 3 of 7.  Do you want a glimpse of future stats, though?  Spoiler alert: Batgirl’s not going to win in June.  Also, from what I’ve done so far, June might be pretty terrible for DC.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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