Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, May 2012 Week By Week

May was a very odd month for Marvel.  They’ve been having a pretty fantastic run since last September, but in the past couple of months they’ve had fewer women on the creative side of things and editorial’s been accounting for a lot of their numbers.  This became even more pronounced in May, so let’s turn to Marvel’s overall totals week by week:

There are only two above average weeks this month, which is a bit of a change.  Marvel usually puts up one month in low range and then three big months that balance it out and give them a decent overall total.  In May, there was more bad than good.  Their streak of topping DC in the monthly stats might be over this month.  Onto the five week, supersized mega-chart:

Marvel’s also had a marked increase in zeroes lately, and last month they had a whopping 12 of them.  Adjusted for the five week month, in May 2012 Marvel’s zero counter was at 12.8.  Not good at all!!  Their actual number was 16, and out of 40 slots that means that a massive 40% of Marvel’s slots had zeroes.  That’s rather terrible, Marvel.

But we get to start our rundown on a positive note.  Female cover artists had a fantastic month!!  There was at least one female cover artist every week, and three of the five weeks the percentage was in the double digits.  That’s crazy good!!  I know that Stephanie Hans drew a couple, and I think Rachel Dodson inked a couple as well… and Laura Martin coloured a bunch.  All in all, a spectacular month for covers!!

It’s going to get worse from here.  Writers weren’t bad, really, but they certainly weren’t good.  Two weeks of zeroes and low totals the other three weeks is unimpressive.  Of Marvel’s 87 comic books in May, only 3 had a female writer.  Remember when Marvel posted huge numbers for female writers, even back when they sucked at everything else?  They need to get that going again.

Interior artists just had an awful month.  There were NO female pencillers at all, and only one female inker ALL month.  See what I mean about dropping on the creative side of things?  These numbers are ridiculously bad.  Sara Pichelli is back with Spider-Men in June so there should be something then, but that doesn’t make May any better.

Even colourists weren’t good.  There was one strong week, three weeks in single digits, and another week that just barely squeaked into double digits.  Not the best showing.  And of course, no letterers.  We now turn to our Marvel letterer counter… there hasn’t been a female letterer at Marvel since January 26, 2011, so:



Editorial was actually pretty good, never even hitting the teens, which is a nice change.  That’s great for female editors, but also shows how much editorial is carrying the female creator load this month.  Assistant editors were a little bit all over the place, but in the usual way they’re all over the place.  Now, editors had a great week at 46.2% and assistant editors had a not so great week at 15.4%, but this was the fifth week and Marvel only put out 12 books, so it’s nothing to get too excited or too worked up about.

Well, it looks like Marvel is turning into DC, all editorial and barely anything creative.  Apart from cover artists, the creative side of things was TINY for female creators.  I think that when it comes to the monthly stats, this isn’t going to be a very good month for Marvel.


  • The busiest book of the week was Ultimates #11 with 13 creators, 1 of which was a woman (Sana Amanat!!  She’s usually the only female credit on the Ultimate books).
  • The book with the highest percentage of female creators was Toy Story #4 at 6 of 11, which by the way totally salvaged what was looking to be a terrible first week of May.  For the superhero books, the issue with the best total was Astonishing X-Men #50 at 4 of 10.
  • To learn more about this statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see the previous stats click here.

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